How To Explain Metaphysics Quickly

Here’s the answer to our first question:

Q.How can I quickly describe what metaphysics is when I'm
talking to other folks?

A. When people ask about metaphysics they are usually completely unfamiliar with New Thought or with any of the things we study and usually assume that everyone else is familiar with them. It is best not to confuse them with too much information., I say first “It is a branch of Philosophy that deals with the study of the non-physical as in the study of thought and its effects on each one of us.” That is usually enough for most people. If they are interested enough or understanding enough to want more information then I explain more. Keeping it simple and saying “we believe that our thoughts and feelings are creative and we create what we think about and what we believe. Therefore, we learn to think about what we want to have in our lives. We stop worrying and we stop complaining. As we begin to think about happy events our lives change for the better. If they want more than that, recommend a good book such as one by Emmet Fox, Joseph Murphy or another of your favorites.

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