How To Identify and Deal With Divine Discontent

There’s a phrase that we use in knowing when it’s time for you to stretch. That phrase is, “It’s caused divine discontent.” Divine discontent is what you feel when you get that urge of boredom. “Things are not happening. It’s time to move on. I’m not happy here. There’s something missing in my life.”

Divine discontent. Remember these words. That means that you’re not reaching your potential. There’s something else for you to do. It could be anything from a change of job to a new opportunity to adding hobbies or developing something in another way.

Your soul pushes you and nudges you to always be greater than you are, to reach out a little bit more, to do a little bit more.

If you get to a point that you’re feeling like, I believe it was Rosemary Clooney that said, “Is that all there is?” that we constantly think about life. “Is that all there is? I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life? Do I really want to do that? Is that all there is?”

It’s also when you’re thinking that there is a possibility you can’t get ahead. It’s not going to work. You don’t like where you are. You don’t like the people.

Start asking yourself what is it about where you are at the moment that is nudging you. It will usually have something to do with your need to be adding a little bit more to your life experiences, to give you either greater authority in where you are or to have an experience in life like you’ve never had before. To know that there’s more to life than where you are right this minute and to say, “What is it? Where can I go from here?”

If you don’t stretch yourselves, you reach a point where all of a sudden even though you’re doing everything right, you’re just sort of bored where you are, and then chaos happens. The unexpected that you don’t want happens.

All of a sudden you’re in a place where you wonder, “How in the world? What did I do to create this situation?” If you reach a point like that, you do denials. “This is not my truth.” Go back to denials always at a point when chaos is occurring, because something in you has accepted this for some reason. You again say your denials.

Go back to some of the ones that you have used. “This is not my reality. I don’t choose to have that in my life. I refuse to have chaos in my life. Whatever is coming up, if it’s lack of some sort, this is not mine to do. It’s not mine to be. I remove it. I dissolve it. I get rid of it. I let it go.”

Tell the Universe that your next step is here and now, so that you can move through this and get to the next part very quickly and very easily.

How do you know that you’re right at the point of a new level of receiving? Well, that’s the divine discontent that you feel. That’s something there that you’re not reaching for. Your soul is saying, “I really would like to have a new step here.” Remember that life comes to us through steps.

“I’m ready for the next step of my divine plan, which is greater health, happiness and prosperity.”

Your divine plan is to be happy, healthy, whole, prosperous, complete in all ways, able to manifest and do and give and share all that you want to give, do and share. That is your divine plan. To find out more about how to create the life you want check out The Art of Making Things Happen.


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