How To Tell When You’ve Reached A New Level In Your Life?

Suppose you've done all the identifying and clearing that you can and have really prospered of late. For quite some time while you were actively "working" on your life, everything seemed to be going the right way. Everything was speeding up around you but in a good way. Your life has improved tremendously and you are on your way to a brand new level of success. You seem to be climbing the Empire State Building. But after awhile something happens. If you're not careful, you could misinterpret that as bad or even wonder if your life will now be stagnant and meaningless. This is so far from the truth. You are actually at a new point in your life.

A sign of a new level of receiving is when you get this feeling that nothing’s happening in your life. You’re bored. When you look around and other people that you’re close to are having good things happen. You wonder why isn’t some of this happening to you? You’re doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing.

It gets to a point that it really doesn’t matter. You have a very strong sense of peace that it’s okay. “Where I am and what I’m doing is what I’m supposed to be doing. There is something going on, even if I don’t see it or recognize it at the moment.” This is something that’s really important for you to be able to recognize.

Another sign is worry stops. If you get a phone call that’s not to your liking you think, “So what? It’s okay. So what?” Then those topics combine to give you a feeling of expectancy. That expectancy very shortly brings on that new step, which will be a new opening or new awareness or new understanding in some way that this life force that is within you is moving you onward and upward. You can just relax, let go and go with it.

The next step is in keeping a record of giving and receiving. Reminders of receiving help your gratitude. The more gratitude you display, the more benefits you receive. That’s one of the areas where what we call “divine surprises” begin to come in. You ask for divine surprises frequently.

Sometimes people have reached a point in their life where they have achieved the things that they want, the financial prosperity and good relationships. Their children are happy and healthy. They’re in good health. They don’t really have any goals right at the moment, so they always ask for divine surprises.

That is when the universe really, really blesses you. It will bring things into your life that are just some of the greatest things you could even imagine.

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