Ideas in Trust

Ideas In Trust

Man does have a creative faculty in him that will reconstruct his work and his career and his youth if he will pay attention to it and obey it.

Every woman has creative ability that she could use, if she would, to remake her home, her family relations, her domestic happiness, her outside career. The trouble is that we do not usually trust this inner urge to create. We haven’t any confidence in our own ideas-because they are our own.

Haven’t you had the experience of thinking of what seemed momentarily a good idea; then discarding it because it was your own and so couldn’t be worth much-and soon after finding that somebody else had conceived the selfsame idea, used it, put it over successfully, and reaped the profits and the credit that might have been yours? And how you felt, when all you could say to yourself was “I thought of that first. Why didn’t I do it?”

We try so hard to hear some thing we think we ought to hear, or something we simply want to hear, that we fail to hear the actual voice at all.

Inspiration - your own creative urge - waits in your heart, and it will transform your life, your happiness, your prosperity if you will only listen ant let it.

Usually it works for you a step or two at a time=and works as you work.

Perhaps at this moment you are refusing, or neglecting, to listen to the voice that is telling you ex¬actly what would get you out of your troubles and into your highest happiness, if you would only obey. And maybe you haven’t “the courage of your own ideas,” maybe you think they are no good because they are yours. Perhaps it never really occurs to you to trust them, because
they are yours.

But oh, my friend, they are not yours! They are simply offered you for use—like everything else we call our own in this world. And they-these ideas that press us for utterance or expression¬-they are not merely something we have the privilege of expressing; we have an obligation to express them.

The purpose of all meditation, of all going into the silence, of all listening for the voice, is to receive ideas.

We have the option whether we will do something worth while in the world’s thinking, in invention, in industry-or remain merely followers and trailers of the men and women who do use their ideas, and lead.

Gardner Hunting

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