Image Success in Family Problems

Image Success in Family Problems

This is a good story - Catherine Ponder always has great stories to emphasize her points:

A mother was distraught over her son’s behavior which had been pretty disturbing. So, instead of trying to change his behavior with any outer comments or actions, she just began to sit quietly every day and mentally imaged him as she wished him to be. She thought of him as standing in a pool of light and love, as being calm, peaceful and confident, harmonious and happy.

Gradually, he began to express those qualities and became calm, peaceful, confident, harmonious so that in a few months he hardly seemed like the same child.

Be careful what you image for yourself or those who are receptive to your mental images, because it sure will happen. It’s been noticed that, when questioned, realize they found out that their husbands had been cheating on them AFTER they had been imagining the very same thing happening in their lives.

Always give others the benefit of only good mental images. Often life’s results are the difference between constructive and destructive mental images that you entertain for yourself and others. What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

You really can make this work.


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