Image Success in Financial Affairs

Begin daily developing your imaging power for prosperity and success by taking a little time at the beginning or end of your day - perhaps when you are writing out your plans and notes - to image them in definite form mentally.

For example, if you are listing bills that need to be paid: after you make your notes, sit quietly and image the checks already written to those owed in the specific amount. Image yourself putting those checks in envelopes and dropping them in the mail box. If there is a definite need for some specific amount of money, mentally image a check written out to you, showing a current date, and showing the amount of money needed to be entered on that check. Your imagination loves to be given definite pictures to build and form, which the subconscious mind then gratefully accepts, and gets busy producing the  definite results for you.

If you pay your bills on the Internet, imagine yourself opening your browser, clicking on your favorite to get to that site, log in and then imagine yourself putting in the exact amount needed for that payment. Then imagine clicking on the “submit” button.

Remember that you have been using your imaging power all the time. Perhaps, though, you’ve used it to image lack of money, lack of success, and all the things you don’t really want in life.  Take your wallet and checkbook in your hands during your quiet time. Closing your eyes, mentally image bills of large denomination bulging from the wallet. Mentally image your deposit slips showing large amounts of money being deposited into your bank account. Image, image, image , all the good that you wish to experience.

There was a business man who had had an extended period of financial lack. He realized the imaging power of your subconscious mind and purchased some “play money” and put the bills of large denomination in his wallet, so that every time he opened it, his eyes would first see those large amounts. Soon, that imaging power had accepted the picture of large amounts of money in his wallet, rather than the previous image of lack.

Don’t just read these tips, try them, see if they work. I bet they will.


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