Image Your True Desires

This is important to reiterate - don’t compromise in your mental images. Image what you REALLY want, not just what you think you can probably have. Pay no attention to your will and reason - they will try to talk you out of mental images. Your active imagination will soon take control of your will and put it in its place, if you will first take control of the imagination by feeling it the mental pictures of what you deeply and sincerely want.

If you feed your imagination half-hearted, lukewarm, mental pictures, that’s the kind of results you’ll get. Since they won’t be what you want, you’ll have to start all over again, imaging what you really want. Do it right in the beginning and save yourself double work.

It is up to you to make the image. You now know there is not need to fight or force your good to you. Instead, just get busy and quietly image it in detail as you wish it to be. Then declare this regarding those images: “Thy unlimited good will be done!”

It is true that man becomes what he imagines, and that man’s continuous imagination is sufficient to remold or create anything!

Find out for yourself! Join us in making your dreams come true. Just remember to get specific in your imaging.

I love this easy technique. It just involves picturing what you really want and then seeing how it is detailed.


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