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I had the opportunity this week to discuss “Divine Ideas” with some people. Gee, what a lot of misconceptions I heard.

So… the Truth is!

There are many steps to attracting all the necessary things to the completion of your goal.

Recognizing the nudge, desire, thought to be yours to accomplish

Acknowledging that you really want it.

Accepting your responsibility to take the steps as they come to you.

Having an action step on whatever comes to you to do as soon as it comes to you.

Being aware that if you don’t do the idea that comes, the idea will be given to someone else to do.

Empowering yourself as the authority of accomplishment

No one else can interfere with your accomplishment as long as you hold the vision, keep quiet about your goals, energize your dream and never, never let someone else convince you that your goal cannot be done.

Hold a sense of joy with every idea you receive. (Remember, you do not receive the idea all at one sitting. Ideas come as you recognize, acknowledge, accept the responsibility and do the work.

What does a Divine Idea mean?

1. A Divine Idea comes from the inner part of you and is a nudge from your soul that there is a higher goal for you to accomplish.

2. You are given a thought. As you concentrate, meditate, ask for information, the thought attracts the substance, the people, the ideas, the money to bring it all into the result you can perceive. (This all comes if you realize the idea is complete with everything necessary for completion. Stop your mind from thinking you have to do everything yourself. Let the universe help.)

3. Time must be spent in planning, visualizing, and claiming the Divine Idea is now in the process of becoming complete through you. (Feeding energy to the idea)

4. Accept ideas from others but hold to the principle that you were given the idea and all suggestions will be in accordance with the principles of good.

5. The reason for keeping quiet and loving your idea is that other people frequently try to take over the authority which will destroy the theme of success consciousness. Talking too much or listening too much to others opinions will kill a Divine Idea for you and subsequently the idea goes away.

I trust this will clarify some points for you about Divine Ideas.

Keep quiet about what you are going to do.

At any hint of doubt from anyone, never mention it again. (doubt is defeating)

Tell only those who will hold the completed vision with you.

Remember, fear, doubt, anger, resentment, negative talk, etc is destructive to accomplishment.


Written by Dr. Anne Kunath

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