Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 12

rule 12Law of Power

The Law of Dominion is the recognition that you do have dominion and that you can do everything. Power is the energy that makes it work.

The definition of the Law of Power is that you have to know and understand that this power, this divine substance is available and it works because you live, move and have your being within that power. It’s the power of the Universe that holds all things in their place. It’s the power that holds the start, sun and moon where they’re supposed to be. It makes air and water available to us.

When you know that this power is available and that it works in and through your thoughts and actions, then you take the Law of Dominion and take charge of things. That’s where the responsibility comes in, when you have to combine the two laws.

You use it by determining that you and God, you and Spirit are the majority. You stand firmly on doing that which is yours to do.

Determining what is yours to do comes from the hunches, ideas, thoughts and feelings that this divine idea that came to you is something you were meant to do. Everyone is here for a purpose and we’re the only ones who know that purpose.

The individual is the only one who knows what they are supposed to do. You take responsibility when you realize that if you have an idea, it’s yours to do.

Use the two laws together - use it any time you feel overwhelmed. Any time somebody tells you or you think ti’s going to take a long time for something to happen or that there’s difficulty to overcome, or that more is needed for you to be ready.

Add to your affirmations “the easiest, quickest way possible”.

It’s like a light switch. The raw power is there but we have to use the wires coming to the switch (which are all the different laws) in order to turn it on and turn it loose. You can turn this power on when you know and understand that it’s available and does work.

God and substance are passive. Nothing is ever forced upon us. The energy is passive. We have to invite it into our lives. The more you grow in spiritual awareness, the less you tell others what to do. You realize that everybody has to do it on their own. You cannot force another person or tell them how to do it.

The most important thing to understand here is that any idea you get is yours to do AND that you DO have the power to do it. Always remember that.


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