Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 7

rule 7Law of Circulation (also called the Law of Congestion)

This prevents stagnation. It’s usually described as a pond of water with no inflow and no outflow. That’s when the water gets stagnant. That’s when it gets nasty, ugly and you don’t want to drink it.

It applies to receiving more than you’re giving out. It’s also called mental clutter, physical clutter, spiritual clutter and employment clutter. There has to be a balance in the circulation of everything in your life. It applies to knowledge, inspiration, money, time and people.

You use this law with awareness to keep yourself in balance in regard to emotions, spiritual, intellectual receiving and giving. There has to be a balance in the energy flow.

In a partnership when you are giving and the other partner is not, you get out of balance. It begins a separation of the partnership.

If you’re not giving, your brain and soul becomes stagnant. There’s no more to receive until you let out some of the things you have.

Houses get stagnant, cars get stagnant - there has to be energy flow through these items.

Open your mind and say “Show me (or reveal to me) a new idea or understanding, or a new way to say this.” That will always give you ideas. It keeps you open and gets rid of the old stuff that you’ve outgrown. When you’ve outgrown something - whether it’s people, situations, things, thoughts or feelings - it’s time to let them go.

Periodically you have to look at the Law of Circulation and say “what do I have in my life today that I’m finished with?” Get rid of some of the things - maybe people, situations, furniture, car, anything. If you’re finished with it but won’t let it go, it will create a problem in your life - it creates stagnation and nothing else can flow through.

The whole idea is to keep things moving. Use what you have and understand that as long as you’re using it, it’s a part of you. As long as it’s good for you and is good in your life, you’re keeping that circulation open. A lot of it has to do with what you’re blessing and what you’re pushing out of the way.

When you decide to get rid of clutter, this helps the Law of Circulation work. Have you heard people tell you to do a brain dump and get ideas and things out of your head by writing them down. This gets them out, clears up the stagnation and allows the energy flow to be free again.




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