Influential Laws That Govern Your Life – Part 8

rule 8The Law of Preparation

This law is doing your homework when you’re getting ready for something. This is the one that is most neglected when people get their ideas, thoughts and feelings and decide they want to do something. When you don’t work on this law, when you don’t concentrate on the law then you don’t do your homework when you start something. It involves making a decision about what you want, how you want it and the ideas and thoughts you want to bring into it.

Examples of not doing your homework are: “I just want to be happy”, “I want enough money”. These are not specific statements. You have to know what it is you’re looking for and be specific about it.

God speaks to you in hunches, feelings and thoughts. You get the feeling of something you’d like to do, an urge that you’d like to have it and then you begin to develop it into whatever it is you want.

If it’s time for a partner, you begin to develop an urge for some kind of togetherness or feeling. If you have an urge for a new house, you begin to look at houses as you drive along. If you went out to look for a new house today, what would you be looking for?

In the Law of Preparation, you have to get fixed in your mind what this ideas that is trying to come to you is. What is the idea you have attracted the possibilities and potential for?

Whatever idea has come to you is for you to bring from the invisible into the visible. That’s the big ksy. Howe do you bring it from the invisible into the visible?

This really is the most fun you can have. Set yourself up every day, once a week or however often you want to and say “I want to manifest something out of the blue”. Set your mind on something.

Start with something simple. “I want a phone call from somebody I haven’t heard from in a long time.” That’s a manifestation. That’s a demonstration of your ability to tap into the Divine Mind. All of our minds are really joined together. That person you’re thinking about will write, call or get in touch with you. Have you ever had an idea, not acted on it, and then find out someone else took the ball and ran with it.

You have to get specific with what you want: the color, location and even the parking spaces. If you were going for a new job, you would put “This is the kind of job I want. I want to be with people. I don’t want to be with people. I want/don’t want to work with figures. I want it in the city I live in or I would like to travel. I’d like certain benefits.”

Use this law before you go into anything. Get specific with what you want - you get specific with God so God can get specific with you.

I did this when I moved to San Antonio. I had first heard of an “outside access” when I first started looking at houses here. I was so excited about the concept that I repeatedly said (with emphasis and feeling) “I want outside access”! The house I ended up with has FIVE outside access doors. See how well it works.

Get specific with the number of bedrooms, the color of them, etc. See the house the way it’s going to be and not have to do a lot of work when you move in. That happened to me in Fredericksburg, Va. I ended up with a model home that already had the utilities already on, a very big yard (for my huskies), 2 floors and a basement and pretty much everything else I wanted. Plus, I could move in the very next day which was a major benefit since my household goods were already on the way.

When you make an affirmation, put in everything you want. Then don’t settle for anything less than what you’ve asked the Universe for. Remember the law of Supply and Demand - don’t think “oh well, this is close and I’ll probably never find all this stuff in one house anyway, so I’ll settle for this one.” That is a limiting belief. You came up with what you wanted and you just have to know that it’s out there for you!

The way you goof up this Law is to NOT be specific. Then you have to make decisions and choices that you don’t want to have to make. A good thing to say is “I want one thing given to me. One idea. I want the one that is best for me, the most productive, the most harmonious, most convenient, easiest to achieve with the benefits and the highest income.” That way you don’t have to make decisions. It will just be given to you.

You use the Law of Circulation and the Law of Preparation when you feel blocked. When you feel stuck, it unsticks you when you feel you’re doing things and nothing is happening, you’re stuck. These are the two laws that you use to get unstuck.


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