Instant Gratification vs Instant Satisfaction

grat vs sat

Everything nowadays has to be "instant" - happening right now. I want it and I want it yesterday! Wait? You want me to wait? Why on earth should I wait? I'll go over here where they offer something that gives me results right this minute.

According to the dictionary:

To Satisfy is to "fulfill the desires, expectations, needs or demands".

To Gratify is to Also "To give pleasure to by satisfying desires"

The distinction we're making here is "instant gratification" which is often used to label the satisfactions gained by more impulsive behaviors: choosing now over tomorrow. The key parts for us here are that there are  IMPULSIVE behaviors  and choosing NOW over tomorrow.  We live in an age where everything is centered around instant gratification. When I worked in the ER, people would come in and demand antibiotics because they had a sore throat and were "sure" they had Strep (this was before the rapid strep test). Considering there are over 100 viruses that cause sore throats and one bacteria that needs antibiotics, the probability that their infection was a virus, not Strep, was very high. But people didn't believe that. They wanted antibiotics so that they would feel better NOW. I can definitely understand wanting to feel better NOW. But I also know that the body has a process it has to go through to, not only fight the current disease, but also to create immunity for future infections. So the first part is the instant gratification part but the second is, by analogy, the satisfaction phase. Satisfaction, huh? What I mean by that is that you are comfortable knowing that are doing the right thing for your body now and for the future even if it means it might take longer for you to feel better.

Anne used to tell people that they really didn't want the Instant Gratification part because then statements we make like yelling at your kids "Get down from there. You'll fall and break your neck!" would come true and your kids would fall and break their neck. We don't have enough wisdom yet or we wouldn't make statements like that.

We come across the Instant Gratification desire when people are saying "The Law of Attraction doesn't work" or "The Law of Attraction doesn't work for me".  There are multiple reasons people say this or believe this. Either they are not congruelaternownt between their vibrations/feelings and what they are saying they want. When they are really focusing on the problem (like "gees I don't have enough money to pay the bills this month") and yet saying "I am prosperous", they are incongruent. Their focus is on the lack, the poverty feelings. That is what they feel - the anxiety and worry over how they are going to pay their bills. So, simply making an affirmation, a statement that they are prosperous, won't do squat because it's not really what they feel. Their vibration is in the lack mode whereas their words reflect poverty. What does the Universe pay attention to? Feelings/vibrations or words? Of course, it's feelings/vibrations.

There is also the Law of Gestation that governs how long it takes for things to come to pass. Just like when you plant a seed, it isn't going to be a flower the next day. AND, it won't be a flower at the same time as another type of flower grows. Everything has to abide by the Law of Gestation.

What will help you along and make your desire come to you sooner is the Satisfaction you feel. The key thing is to believe and feel BEFORE the manifestation appears. We've talked about momentum and getting in a space where you can change your momentum or bring it back up after the unwanted momentum has run its course. I continue to feel so satisfied and happy when I think about and "go to" the run across Tennessee in July. In reality, though, I have no idea whether I'll be able to complete the event given the rigors of it and I know that it will not always be a pleasant time but I'm not even thinking about those things. I'm thinking about getting to the start line and then experiencing the joy that experiencing it is going to bring me. That will change my momentum in a heartbeat. It's still months away but it gives me such satisfaction to think and feel about it. If I were concentrating on Instant Gratification, I would only feel good about my most current run or training run or how work went yesterday.  And most likely I'd be depressed because those things are over and done and those who need instant gratification need to have something happening RIGHT NOW.

Once you can go to the feeling of having the manifestation before it's here, you'll have the primary process conquered. It's faith but based on knowledge of the laws of the Universe.

Go for the Satisfaction and put the Instant Gratification on the shelf for awhile and see what happens.

Let us know how it goes.






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