Integrity & Metaphysics

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With integrity as your foundation, you will have fewer mistakes.

You will think before you speak.

You will make sure that what you ask for is something that is good for all concerned.

You will see people with a different light, knowing that they are a reflection of something in you.

You will understand that if you do not like that person, it is something in you that you want to change.

Metaphysics without integrity is the door to chaos, pain, lack, fear, and anger.

Metaphysics with integrity is a life of pleasure, peace, love and prosperity.

Affirmation for Integrity

I am filled with integrity.

I choose only integrity.

I give only integrity.

I attract to me wonderful friends, clients, partners who also are filled with integrity.

Everyone I know is in the process of an ever increasing integrity.

I love integrity. Integrity loves me. All is well.

Anne Kunath


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