Is There a Limit To What Belief Can Achieve?

It’s a great day to talk about belief! Of course, any day is a great day to do that!

Here’s more wisdom from Napoleon Hill:

Is There a Limit to What Belief Can Achieve?
by Dr. Napoleon Hill

Your subconscious mind is your hidden boss, then, and gives orders to your conscious. But your subconscious, as you surely know by reading this book, is a very special kind of boss. It will go into conference with you, so to speak, and consider changing any of its standing orders, canceling them, substituting others if need be.

Decide upon the belief you want, set it firmly into your subconscious mind, and your subconscious will thereafter instruct your conscious mind to “live up to” that belief.

Let your belief include the concept of achievement and your subconscious mind will discover ways and means toward that achievement which, on the strength of a mere wish, would completely escape you. You may talk of “good fortune” and “lucky breaks,” but what you mean is a sharpening of all your senses toward the achievement you want - focusing of all your forces away from other matters and toward that achievement. A mighty access of strength and resourcefulness tuning in upon other minds whose aid otherwise would have escaped you and more! The best of words limp when they talk of the power of belief. Only feel your belief propelling you toward the goal of your achievement and you will know at last that an irresistible force is at your command.

Is there a limit to what belief can achieve? If there is a limit, nobody has seen that limit yet. I have mentioned often that we may at times avail ourselves of powers beyond our ordinary senses. (Not supernatural, but natural powers we are only beginning to understand.) Deep subconscious belief aids mightily in winning the aid of these unseen powers.

Once, when I was a child, I had typhoid fever - the only serious illness I ever have had. I was ill for weeks without showing any sign of improvement. At length, as my father informed me years later, I lapsed into a coma. The two doctors who had come out to our farm told my father there was nothing else they could do; my end was only a few hours away.

My father walked into the forest. There he knelt down and prayed to another Doctor beyond earthly doctors. With his prayer he generated a mighty, all-embracing belief that I would recover. He remained on his knees for an hour or more, and at length a great peace came over him… that peace of mind which is the condition in which the mind words at its mighty best. And suddenly, from nowhere, and yet beyond the slightest shadow of doubt, he knew peacefully that I was going to recover.

I do not know where my father’s prayer might have been heard, nor if it was heard, nor if the mere fact of the prayer gave him the focusing and intensifying agent which is part of deep subconscious belief. But I know that when he returned to the house he found me sitting up, which had been impossible for me to do a couple of hours before. Sitting up, crying for water, and with my fever “broken” as we used to say.

Source: Grow Rich with Peace of Mind. Fawcett Crest Book. 1967. Pgs. 179 & 180.

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