It’s All About How You Look At Something

how-you-look-at-it-resized  It's all about perspective. What we see is based on a number of factors.

1) What you've been taught (our beliefs)

2) What you've learned on your own

3) What you want to see (not always the same as what is really there)

4) The angle you're looking from

5) Your eyesight - do you need glasses? Are you wearing glasses? Are they clean or do they have dirt on them that might be obscuring the situation/object? You've heard the expression about rose colored glasses.

6)  Your needs

7) Your anxiety level or level of calmness

8) Your past experiences

9) Your vision - are you colorblind?

There are many variables that lead to two people looking at the exact same situation and yet seeing it differently. How do you look at things? Are you trying to be objective and understanding? Do you take your time to examine all aspects of what you're seeing? Do you examine the surroundings, not just the object? What has happened in your past that could be biasing you in your observation of this particular event/object?

People look at illness differently. They look at bills/debt differently? You could say that almost everything appears differently to each individual person. There isn't much we can do about it except realize that it's a fact and then make another CHOICE in our lives - make a decision to look at everything from a positive perspective. There are people out there who do just that. Often times we criticize them, calling them Pollyanna or "goodie two shoes" (never did know what that means but it fits here).  But these folks have the right attitude. Make the best out of everything should be our motto every day. Why? Because we want to activate the Law of Attraction to bring us more good things, not bad things.

I got started on this fairly early in my life - again, before I knew anything about the Law of Attraction. I developed these weird symptoms and was treated for a year for something it wasn't. Finally I was sent to the neurologist who immediately said I was having seizures. That, by itself, was a big shock (but also a relief because now "it" had a name). However, he then told me that I either had epilepsy or a brain tumor and ordered a brain scan (back in the days when that was all they had to examine the brain). When I went back for the results he said I had epilepsy. I was never so happy to hear that diagnosis because it was much, much better than having a brain tumor. I have continued to be grateful all my life for a few reasons. My seizures have been completely controlled since I started on medication and I have had experiences (from the medication) that I have used to help me understand my patients better. I have had overdosages on the medication giving me strange feelings (symptoms) and even once I had to be put in the hospital. These events also helped me with dealing with my patients. If I had not experienced them, I wouldn't have been able to understand what people go through when they talk to their doctors and the doctors don't understand or pay attention to them. So, not only was I able to directly help individuals but also teach interns how to be more understanding and patient.

I was happy each time that I was alive and ok and that it would just take some time to recuperate and then I'd be back to normal. Each time I get an illness or injury, I look to see what it is that I can learn from it and how can I help others.

When you look at debt do you see the money you owe as helping others? Try it and try praising the money as it goes out into the universe in order to spread more wealth and abundance across the world. The money is being used to pay individuals even though that may be hard to see when paying big companies. But try to drill down and see the person opening the bill and then another one writing a check for their weekly groceries or being able to purchase school items for their kids, etc. There are so many ways to look at the bills you have and the money you are paying out. If you are blessing it and being grateful that you're helping others, you will become more prosperous as the Universe returns blessings to you.

Try looking at things differently this week. Take a look, also, at how you've looked at things throughout your life. You'll learn a lot about yourself for sure.


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One thought on “It’s All About How You Look At Something

  1. I was just going over some past articles and wasn’t sure just where this observation
    would fit in but here goes.
    We claim to be a Mono-Theistic country but all it takes is the Holidays to realize just
    how Poly-Theistic we really are. We seem to have seven “gods”. Their names are
    Washington-Jefferson-Lincoln-Hamilton-Jackson-Grant-and Franklin.
    Scary – but true.