It's been awhile

Since we’ve posted or done a teleseminar. There are various reasons for this. But the lesson to be learned is that you really do have to listen to your body.

If you just happen to be stubborn like me (couldn’t have guessed that I’ll bet), it will take a big knock down drag out fight with your body to get you to pay attention to the things you’ve been ignoring.

Before Veteran’s day (maybe that was appropriate too), I had been pushing everything too hard. That doesn’t mean I was doing too much, it means I was doing what I was doing way too hard. I wasn’t even practicing what we preach.

Stress is the biggest cause of ill-health in the world. Just accept that. And if you’re ill, you have stress somewhere in your life whether you know it or think it or not. The sooner you begin to look for that stress, identify it, and then do something about it, the better you’ll be. And you want to do that before you get sick.

Anne and I have looked at what we want to do class wise next year and we’re moving up to bigger and better things. We want to develop a membership site, and courses that are filled with content, lessons, assignments and question-answer time with Anne (both on the phone and by email). As you know, Anne has been teaching New Thought for over 32 years and teaches it like no one else in the world. This knowledge is expensive. We have figured a fee base that is fair to all parties - the students and Anne - believe me, I know this from experience - if you pay for something, you are much more likely to put it into practice or use! You must also consider that Getting Unstuck, LLC is a business and as a business we have to practice what we preach.

So, stay tuned for more information.


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