It’s Not “All In Your Head” – It’s Really “All In Your Heart”

its-not-in-your-head-but-in-your-heartWhen someone tells you it's all in your head, you can now correctly tell them that if it is, it's not powerful at all.

What matters as far as influencing your life is concerned is what's in your heart. It's all about the feelings (and vibrations) you have. These feelings are what brings things into your life - both desired and not so desirable things. The Law of Attraction is not thought based alone. Of course, there are thoughts involved but it's the feelings those thoughts generate that bring more of the same into your life.

For example, just to think "I have to pay my bills" does not necessarily create strong emotions. It could possibly be just an internal/mental "to do" list and then you move on to some other thought.

But, if you follow the "I have to pay my bills" with "nuts, I don't have enough money in my account so I don't know which ones I'm going to be able to pay this month. What am I going to do? I'm so worried." This is an entirely different story. This type of thought definitely generates an emotional (and stressful) response. And one that focuses on lack at that. So you have a very strong vibration surrounding lack mentality. Guess what that will bring into your life - more lack!

See if you can change the above follow-on thought to "I have to pay my bills and I am really happy to be able to have enough money to help others pay their bills since there are people just like me that work for the companies I'm paying and I know they have families to support. It feels so great to be able to help them!" This is such a positive thought (and requires absolutely no more effort and no more money outlay on your part) that it will bring you positive results - others will be returning to you what they owe you and you'll receive even greater benefits from the Universe. And it's so easy to have thoughts like that. Just writing it made my vibrational level raise significantly. It felt like fun and made me very happy to have that thought of helping others just by doing something I have to do anyway.

This falls into the category of creating a "Better Feeling Thought".

See what you can do this week when you start to have a thought that in the past you've perhaps followed a negative lead. See if you can turn that thought and its resultant feeling around to the positive!

Let us know what happens. Write in the comments section below.


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