Just What I Needed….

  Just got back a little while ago from a great trail run. It started out pretty lousy in the park where I started running a year ago and I began with the self-doubts again. But soon I was able to move over to the trail and then get into the peace and quiet of a beautiful trail run and just "lost" myself in it and felt rejuvenated again. Running is like a strong drug for me and I'm so grateful and appreciative that I'm able to run again after so many years of not being able to.

Thanks again to all of you who have come along with me on the past few days' journey.


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2 thoughts on “Just What I Needed….

  1. Dear Terry,
    Wow, you worked through these issues as if they were a marathon! What a wonderful job you did on this. I am so happy to see you back “in the saddle” .

    I am so grateful too to be a part of this family. Everybody poured in their ideas and love and it felt like a big hug. Thanks everybody.

    Also I feel really excited about what all is going to happen here. You are preparing us for a treat and I am looking forward to this. Terrie, thanks for sharing all of this with us, we are all the better for it.

    Have a good weekend and lots of love to you and to all the people who have contributed here.


    • HI Sarah,
      thanks for this and I’m glad you’re excited about what’s coming. I know I am. It was in the works before this week and just got more solidified since this week has passed.
      You are a very big inspiration Sarah and I thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as well as your words of wisdom.