Law of Attraction – Rule #4 – Stop Checking The Mailbox

man with head in mailboxNow that you've realized the power of the Law of Attraction, figured out what you wanted and became specific about it and then told the Universe "This is what I want - bring it to me", you must believe that it will be yours.

It won't do you any good to be checking the mailbox two or three times a day - that won't bring your order to your house any quicker, will it? Of course not.

Have faith and believe. This is a big part of "The Law of Allowing" - you have to realize that it is yours and that it will be given to you since you've asked. But you have to allow it into your life. The more you "check your mailbox" the less belief you express. You begin to wonder "did they get the order?" "Maybe they were out of of what I wanted", "What if I didn't put the right address?", "What if....", "What if...." etc. The doubts start to creep in. Every time you check the mailbox to see if the Universe has delivered your order, you wonder more and more if you made the right decision, if you deserve this gift (because if you did deserve it, it would be here already, right?), if it's ever going to come, is this Law of Attraction really exists and works and if so, why won't it work for you and on and on and on. The questions come faster and more furiously each time you check and there's nothing there.

It will come if you continue to believe, to have faith. There is the Law of Gestation that comes into play here. It takes time for things to Taking care of new developmentgrow and manifest themselves. Different animals have different gestation periods; different seeds take different times to grow and sprout. If you plant a seed and then dig it up every day to see if it's grown, it will never sprout above the soil. But if you plant it, water it and even talk to it and love it, in the proper amount of time (for that seed) it will bloom or sprout. The words to the song "The Rose" come to mind when explaining this concept.

"Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed that with the sun's love
In the spring becomes the rose."

So when you're enduring the "winter's bitter snows" know that your order will be delivered to you and you will receive The Rose!

It will arrive just as you asked.


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