People who say that the Law of Attraction doesn't work for them just don't understand what a Law is.

This could be because we are so used to stretching or even breaking "human laws".  I laugh every time I watch the movie Starman - this man from another world (there's more to it than that but that will do for now) is learning to drive by watching the woman he kidnapped. So later he is driving and the woman gets upset because he was speeding up and going way too fast. She asked what he was doing and that that wasn't how he was supposed to be doing it. He replied and said yes it was and that he watched her - "Green light - go through. Red light - stop. Yellow light - GO FASTER". Isn't that what we do? We see if we can "beat" the law but stay "sort of" within it.

So we don't totally respect our own human laws. And that attitude and behavior carries over to the real laws. We think we don't have to pay strict attention to them at all times. That's often why the Law of Attraction "doesn't work".

It ALWAYS works but we don't work with it ALL the time which is what we have to do.

Take the Law of  Gravity for example. It works no matter what. You can play with fire and test it all you want but it will win out.  You can pray and wish and hope that the $50,000 vase you dropped won't break when it hits the floor but it probably will (that too is dependent on other laws of physics). But it WILL hit the floor and at a certain time (not necessarily giving you enough time to catch it). You can be angry that it broke but that won't change the fact that the Law of Gravity and other laws of physics were operating.

When you're trying to work with the Law of Attraction you have to realize that it's in action and operating at every moment. You can't say denials and affirmations for 3 minutes a day and then go and gossip and tell rumors and say negative things all day long and then expect to get what you were working toward. We see this all the time. Remember Anne's story about how she'd say affirmations and meditate in the morning and then have  neighbors over for coffee and they'd sit and gossip for an hour or two. She realized then that she had to spend 2 hours negating what had just happened. This went on until she put a stop to the morning coffee.

Take a look at your life and see what you do, say and think all day long and then re-evaluate whether the Law of Attraction "works" for you or not. Most likely you are attracting what you don't want to attract but it IS you who's creating it.

Believe me it works!  Check out "The Art of Making Things Happen" if you want a home study course on how to make your life what you want it to be.


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