"Let Go and Let God??"

So many metaphysical teachers tell you to “let go and let God”. Other state that you need to “detach from your goal in order to have it”. How do you do this?

These two phrases are to be used at two different times and not for the same situations.

“Let go and let God” is when we are having worries. It serves to take your mind of the problem so the problem can work itself out. (Remember I always suggest using the word “problem” and not “challenge” as many metaphysicians do.) The reason is that every problem has a solution and the word challenge indicates a winner and the rest are losers. Also, challenge has a perception of struggle and/or difficulty, Problems, when you know the correct formula, are simple to solve. Accept that you have the formula which is: asking, visualizing, accepting and giving thanks.

The phrase “detach from your goal” means to expect results but without worrying about how its coming to you. I suggest that as soon as you have asked, begin to say, “thank you that my result is already on its way to me”. That helps to build your faith in your own affirmations.

Hope this helps some!

Written for you by Anne!



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