Let’s say you can’t be on the teleseminar but are still interested

What if you’re really interested in the topic of the teleseminar (such as the “How to Identify Auras” one scheduled this week….BUT you have another obligation at the time of the call? Do you have to skip listening to Anne’s wisdom?

Not on your life! If you register for the call, the $20.00 includes access to a replay button for the teleseminar. You can listen on your computer for up to a week (and if you need an extension, you can let me know). The better way is to add 5 dollars and get the MP3 file so you can make your own CD or put it on your MP3 player or just play it at any time on your computer. But, if you don’t feel technical enough for that, then register for the teleseminar and whether you’re there or not, you will have access to the replay.

Listen to what I recorded about it…..

Go ahead, register now.

See you Thursday


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