Life is For Us

Life is for us

Life is the One Perfect Unity from which everything proceeds, including yourself and all your experiences. All action proceeds from It; all knowledge is in It. It is in us. We are in It.

The key to our whole understanding of Life lies in the realization that Life Itself is pure Spirit.

Life has equipped us with creative ability. If we can only get this firmly in mind, that Life is always for us, It is never against us; the only and original Power is good, then we shall gain freedom.

Life has no adversaries. The denial is like straightening out a mathematical problem. We are not fighting the wrong conclusion, we are merely explaining why it is not true. We are rearranging our thought in a way that proves to us that Life never limits us.

It is not the intellect alone with which we deal. There is a deep feeling center within us. No matter what the intellect affirms, unless this deep feeling center accepts its statements, we shall not get very far. Daily consciously explaining to one’s self what he believes about Life will gradually awaken this inner feeling to an acceptance of what the intellect affirms.

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