Love Week – Love Your Body

LOVE-WEEK---BASEI started with the easy one yesterday and then moved directly into a tougher one. I did that on purpose because I want you to see your power if only for one day. You spent all day yesterday concentrating on the love you feel for your family or at least one person in your family.

It should be an easy transition to go to yourself since you are a product of your family. Don't you love being alive? If you do, then you should be able to love yourself just for feeling alive...even if you have to stretch a bit to say you feel alive. We should aim every day to feel a bit more alive than we did yesterday and the day before. We have to embrace life more fully - becoming a complete person. It is our job each and every day to find pleasure in something different. If we try to do that, we'll be able to expand our enjoyable moments and not spend so much time focusing on one or a few areas. This is usually a problem with those who do NOT love their bodies.

Think about this, though - when you say you hate your body or don't like your body, you're actually saying that you don't like yourself.  Why is that? Why don't you love your body?

Think about all it does for you - it operates independently and allows you to breathe, move and enjoy life. You can think, you can feel, you can love, you can cry. You can run if you want or sit if you want. Love all your joints even the ones that don't work as well as you'd like. They are a big part of you. Your heart beats, it pushes blood all throughout your body, it keeps you living. Your lungs bring fresh air (oxygen) to every cell in your body allowing all those cells to function.

Don't focus on the external. Stop criticizing your weight - that's just a number. If you have more curves than you'd like, love them. Stop stressing yourself out about them. When you worry and are in a stress response, you cannot take off the weight. That is not the way God made you - your body was made in Divine Mind - it was made to function in a certain way (protective mode) when under stress and it does that quite well.

We should all be like Helen Keller - if we didn't have eyes to look at ourselves and others we would have nothing to compare our bodies to. We'd be happy with where we are.

Love your body. Love every single part of it. What color are your eyes? Do you have dimples? Do you like them? I had freckles and bright red hair as a child and looked like either Howdy Doody or Bozo the Clown. But I stood out. And I made sure that the rest of me stood out as well. I was proud of my freckles and my red hair. Then it turned white when I was pretty young. But that was ok too. I was not judgmental about that.

What can you focus on all day today to love about your body? It may take a bit but try it. Find something!

Let us know if you're struggling. Let a friend help you with this. Or a loved one. I know you can do it for just one day.



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