Me bothers I – Emmet Fox

Maybe today isn’t the day I should try to write this one here - I read it several times as “Me BROTHERS I” vice “BOTHERS” - hmmm.

Oh well, here’s another great excerpt of Emmet Fox’s

    “Do not identify yourself with your present mentality any more than with your body. The real you is the “Christ within” or the “I am.” When your body give you pain or trouble, you handle it as best you can, knowing that it is something distinct from yourself; you should do the same thing with your mind. Say every morning: “I am not my body. I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings. I am Divine spirit, an individualization of God.” To realized in this way that you are not one with your present mentality, but that is only your instrument, makes it possible for you to change it for the better very rapidly.

    When you find it difficult to manage yourself, think “I” intend to think rightly, but “me” does not want to; never the less “me” will have to do what “I” want - I am boss.

    Of course “me” can be very troublesome, but as soon as you handle it objectively  in this way it know it is beaten and quickly surrenders. I want to get up by me wants t lie in bed. Or me claims indigestion, although I know I have dominion over my body. Or me is hurt and angry and wants to hit back, although I am determined to forgive. Or me says that business is hopeless, when I know that God s my supply. This is how the battle presents itself to consciousness, but as long as I insist that I am divine, God’s own expression, I must and shall win.”


Remember what a great teacher Emmet Fox was and read as much of his material as you can.

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