Memorial Day Special is Over

People who don’t sign up for the Spiritual Laws 3 week course either are very experienced in Metaphysics and have it down ‘pat’……OR, they don’t realize that this is the FOUNDATION of everything else in Metaphysics. You have to have a thorough understanding of these concepts before you can achieve the goals you set. These laws are what makes the world go round. It’s as if you were from England, came to the U.S. and were ignorant of the traffic laws here. You’d soon find out that it’s neither a good idea (nor legal) to drive down the left side of the road. You might go along for awhile (depending on where you are traveling) without any problems at all but eventually you’ll come up a vehicle coming straight at you. You’re the one breaking the law and although things may seem fine and dandy for awhile, that won’t last. Same with the Spiritual Laws.

I know that I’ve been looking forward to this since I’ve been back in San Antonio (and now with the teleseminars, it wouldn’t matter where I was). I’ve listened to Anne teach this many times and I’ve had it in other mentor courses. BUT, I would love to hear it much more frequently. And now I’ll be able to. I’m going to put these teleseminars on my IPOD and when I’m out walking, listen to the concepts that run the universe over and over again.

You can still register if you want. Just click here.

Have a great day and think about what I said.


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