Metaphysics and class reunions

I don’t have much time because I’m off to the airport heading to New York City (yes, I know it’s only 3:30 a.m.) for my 40th High School Reunion (you can do the math, it’s not a secret).

I haven’t seen any of these people (except one) for 40 years and never really thought I’d care to see them either. But after my best friend from school convinced to go, I’m very glad I’m going. I was shy and not really part of the “in crowd” so I don’t have many of the memories the others do. But a very interesting thing has happened as we’ve all participated in a Yahoo Groups these two weeks.

We’ve learned so much about each other and seen that we’ve all become adults (well, most of us). But as one person said “I’m still expecting a bunch of adolescents”.

I have realized that Anne repeatedly talks about identifying “who’s your authority” on issues that pop up and are not necessarily the truth. Figuring out what your beliefs are AND where they came from is an important step in growing. Once you realize where they come from, you have to ask yourself “who’s my authority” on that and then ask yourself “is that person still your authority”?

I looked at my high school picture and saw that I was NOT always fat as I had thought and been told. I then looked at it and immediately knew that my mother had been my authority on this - she was putting me on diets all the time. I was probably heavier than the other girls but I was very athletic. I am now sure that my mother deeply ingrained my subconscious that I was always going to be fat. And you know what? It worked. It’s now my job to change my authority on that.

There’s much more to write but I have to head on out. More when I get back. This should stir alot in the pot.

Have a great weekend.




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