Effective Goal Setting E-Course

Are you ready to make new goals? This should be an on-going process, not just one that we engage in at the end of each year. But regardless of when you are setting your goals, you MUST take this on-line e-course in Effective Goal Setting.

It's a series of 5 email lessons spread over a period of 7 days. Each day's lesson is jam-packed full of steps and points to ensure you achieve your goals. There is a great deal of information in this course and you would definitely benefit from printing it all out and keeping it as your own personal goal setting manual.

Anne's approach is different than most because she starts with the Burning Bowl - before you can build a house, you must clear the land. Similarly, before you can change and achieve things you previously thought were unobtainable, you must clear your mind of all the old memories and belief systems in order to pave the way to achieve these new desired goals.

So, sign up for this new, no-cost to you, e-course and get access to all the emails and the audio for the Burning Bowl.

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