Momentum Monday


You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.


Excerpted from the workshop: Atlanta, GA on September 13, 1997

What a wonderfully simple statement this is.  If you don't do something about your unhappiness, you will remain unhappy. Why is that? Because of the Law of Attraction. You attract what you focus on, what you spend your time thinking about. If that's things or circumstances that make you unhappy, then that's what you'll get more of.  Why would you want to get more unhappiness? You wouldn't intentionally do that I don't think. But when your life's thought patterns and beliefs have led you to focus on lack, illness, unhappiness, poor relationships, then that's what the Law of Attraction will bring you more of. The Law of Attraction doesn't even know what's good or bad to you. It just brings you what you are focusing on.

So what do you do to change this? That's not so easy by yourself and that's why I continue to recommend getting a coach (a Life Coach, a Law of Attraction Coach, any type of coach). Your coach will help you identify what it is you are focusing on - often you're not even aware of these things. But a coach will help you recognize what you're saying, thinking and feeling. Once you can recognize the habits you are perpetuating, you have a much better chance of stopping them and redirecting your thoughts to more positive thoughts and feelings.

Retrieve one of the Kodak Moments I talk about all the time. Focus on that as soon as you notice you're headed down an old pathway that will take you directly (or even indirectly) to your unhappiness. If you then focus on the Kodak Moment, then you'll be able to direct your thoughts and feelings in the happiness direction.

Write down your Kodak Moments in a journal or on an index card where you can have them handy in case things are so rough you can't just recall them from memory. Once you start to feel icky, pull out your card and then select one to use at this particular time to feel better. Keep focusing on that and repeat the phrase "Nothing and no one can interfere with my peace of mind, prosperity and well being, not even myself".

Try it this week!


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