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Everything that has ever been lived, everything that has ever been written down or documented, has been vibration first. Everything has been conjured in vibration first before it manifests. So if something has manifested and you continue to give it your attention, the fact that it is true should really hold no weight with you. The question that we would ask is not, is it true, or is it undeniable? The question that we would ask is, how does it make me feel when I focus upon it? And if the answer to the question is, it doesn't make me feel very good when I focus upon it, then we would say, true or not, it does not serve you. And if you will activate a different part of your vibration—the "truth" will shift.
Excerpted from the workshop: El Paso, TX on March 28, 2002

The most important part of this quote is that it tells us to stop focusing on the things in our life that we don't like or want. If we keep looking at something we will be focusing on it. If you have a mess in the middle of the floor (let's say a pile of dirty clothes) you have to move around it so you'll pay more attention to it than perhaps you'd like. Since you have to be careful about how you're moving around it, you're focusing on it so you keep seeing a pile of dirty clothes. If that doesn't make you feel very good, it doesn't serve you. So what do you do? You either leave it there and let it continue to bother you more and more or you pick up the clothes and you'll now have a nice clean pathway and can focus essentially on the emptiness and the freedom you have for walking there. You might just have moved the pile to another room that you don't frequent often so even though the "truth" is that there still is a pile of dirty clothes in your house, it's not something in your focus and no longer is making you feel bad. You are focusing on the new "truth" - the freedom/emptiness.

Tell us what you can focus on this week to activate a different part of your vibration. Then tell us how that made you feel.


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