Momentum Monday

Here's momentum-monday1another discovery I made that may help you this week.

I was sitting in my recliner and had just awakened from a nap. I looked around my living room and recognized how much I loved my house and how it truly was a home. I have though this before but I now know I need to make it a habit to tell my beautiful home how much I love it and how much it means to me. The same goes for my vehicle. I've had that also for 10 years (same time as I moved in here I bought my car) and it has come through in every possible moment. It has been faithful and kept me safe and sound for all these years. I haven't told it enough either.

Then there's my cactus garden out front. I have done nothing to/with it in all these years except to talk to it and visit it almost every day. It has really done well and I love the low maintenance.

I love San Antonio and the new section of highway that makes my commute to and from work much quicker and easier.

I love the building we work in too.

I love my computer at home and at work even though they are like little children who "act up" when they want my attention...isn't that a unique way to look at it? I find that much easier than getting upset with the computers.

Look at everything around you and proclaim that you love it and keep that up daily if not more often.

Try it this week!


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