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momentum-monday1Yesterday was Easter and since most people are busy on that day, I saved my "Easter Message" til today - very fitting, too, because it's all about Momentum!

A good friend reminded me last week that Easter is about New Beginnings and that was a great thought for me given the last 5-6 weeks. So I thought that everyone could benefit from thinking about what their new beginning was going to be and also how to start your new beginning. Everyone always thinks of Christmas or the New Year as the time to make resolutions and therefore a "New Beginning".  But, we can actually make a new start, another "beginning" at any time.

One of the problems, though, is identifying what it is you want to change. In other words, identify where your momentum is right now and where you want it to be.  That's the easy part. After that you might look at triggers and beliefs and what your feelings/vibrations are right now.

What is it that's bothering you right now (if anything)? If everything is going as you like it in your life and you don't want to change anything, that's great and you just need to keep that momentum going - keep telling that story and build on it.

But, if there are things you'd like to change (even if they aren't "bad"), then this is the time to examine them and start changing your story. In reality all you need to do is stop telling the old story and start telling the story you want to be happening in your life. You can do this even if it seems foreign to you because it hasn't happened yet. The more you tell that story and visualize the results you want, the greater likelihood that you will ultimately change your vibration which is essential for you to achieve what you want. It isn't enough to just say you want something all the while you're still focusing on the things you don't want. That's why telling the wanted story and visualizing your successes is so vital. You have to have the feeling of success and achievement permeate your being so that your vibrations do match your desire. If you want well being and health, you can't keep saying "I want to be pain-free" or "I want to breathe better" or "I want my joints to stop hurting" or "I want to be healed". All of those phrases are focusing on what you have now which is what you do NOT want. But the fact that you are focusing on the pain, the trouble breathing, etc, means that you will get more of that. Even saying "I want to be healed" means you are still focusing on being ill (or else you wouldn't need to be healed, right?).

Instead, you would say things like "my joints move with such fluidity and carry me everywhere I wish to go", "I breathe easily and deeply",  "I am whole and healthy and my body can do anything I ask of it." Visualize what each of your phrases square_onemeans to you. Use the 68 second process too. Talk to yourself or a loved one/friend for 68 seconds about how great you feel when you have these things.  If you're a runner and your knees are hurting, say things like "I run miles and miles and miles and feel so free and happy. I am ecstatic with my speed and endurance. I love to run and it brings me nothing but pleasure. I am running in the Boston Marathon. I am completing my 100 mile run......etc." Notice I did not mention anything about knees or pain or anything other than the joy I was experiencing. If you talked at all about your knees, it would bring you back to the pain in your knees.

Once you've identified the things that you want to change (health, work, relationships, etc), list each one on a piece of paper (or in your computer), then write down what you are feeling about that thing - are you feeling resentment, anger, fear, embarrassment or shame, disappointment, despair, etc. List them all.

Then beneath that list, write down the beliefs you have about that thing - do you believe you aren't good enough to get another job, that all men (or women) cheat on their spouse,  that all the good men (or women) are already taken, that you can't get any more income because you have a salary job, etc. What have you "decided" about this area of your life? Remember that a belief is a thought you keep thinking over and over again. So, if you've experienced similar results from certain activities in the past, you most likely have developed/created certain beliefs surrounding that activity. This is vital to identify because you most likely don't even know you created or have that belief since it's now embedded in your subconscious.

Once you have this table/list, you can look at it and start writing on another piece of paper what it is you want to believe and experience.

Then start talking about those things. Stop yourself when you find yourself telling your old story. Enlist the help of a friend to keep you from telling your story too. We often feel we have to tell everyone how we got to a certain point - often in excruciating detail. Yet, all that does is turn your momentum downward toward the thing you're trying to change. No one needs to know all that history. You really can rewrite your legacy based on the story you tell. So from now on just tell the story that's going to make your momentum fly you high and keep it going.

Good luck with your list and your new beginning. If you commit to doing this and especially changing your story telling techniques, you will change your life!





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