Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1"Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought.

Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode of resisting something that you want, and that resistance takes its toll on you. It takes its toll on your physical body, and it takes its toll on the amount of wonderful things that you are allowing to come into your experience." ---Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008]

At the beginning of the year when the nights are long and the days are cold, this is an important concept to remember. Try to figure out what it is you're resisting when you start to feel a negative emotion. Maybe you're just resisting the cold, winter weather. Remember to reach for a better feeling place. It doesn't have to be joy, it just has to be a better feeling. Move your way up the emotional scale. Use your Kodak Moment to get yourself on a different plane/disc.

If you're constantly resisting things, then you will be able to remove that toll on your body. You don't want to continually be experiencing that do you? The emotional and physical are all intertwined and must be worked on together. This applies to nutrition too. You have to pay attention to what's going into your system to fuel it.

This week pay particular attention to your feelings and be conscious of what you might be resisting. When you realize that you're feeling less than you'd like, identify what it is you're working against and annotate what is going on in your body. It would be a good idea to record these observations this week. When you reach for a better feeling thought then see how your body responds and record it.

At the end of the week look over what happened all week and see what conclusions you come to. Share them with others here in the comment box!



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