Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1"Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backwards. Most people are saying, "Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that manifestation." The reason for that promise of manifestation out there, to begin with, is that it gives you the reason to play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination, it is the feeling of Energy flowing through you that is life." ---Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Kansas City, KS on September 27, 1998]

I've seen this so many times - and have been victim of it myself. "I'll be happy when _________" and just fill in the blank. But you never know what will happen between now and the "when" arriving. Things change in a heartbeat. So enjoy your life NOW, don't wait for anything at all. Enjoy the moment knowing you're on a journey - a journey that can be more beautiful than any you've taken so far - if you just let it be that way. Even if it's a journey just to work but work will lead you to be able to do more with your life. Take each step loving what you see, what you feel, what you're experiencing, what's happening to those around you when you're there, everything. If you've thought about something, you've already manifested it - the Universe has already created it for you. It's just your job to allow the Law of Gestation work and let it come to you in the time that's required. But know that once you've imagined/imaged it in your mind, it will be yours soon in the material world and rejoice in "having" it now. Believe it or not this will speed its arrival because it will generate more of the positive emotions that increase your allowance and letting it into your life.

Work on this process this week. Everytime you think "when", replace it with a visualization that you already have or are doing whatever it is that followed the "when". Then see what happens as you enjoy having that item in your life. You really can enjoy it even if it has not yet materialized.


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