Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1"As you set a financial goal, it is not only about the expansion for yourself; it's about the expansion of all of those who are involved in that which you are about. In other words, it creates this nucleus, this machine, that allows so many to begin to thrive along with you. It's much bigger than finances."
---Abraham - Excerpted from the workshop: San Antonio, TX on November 13, 2004

This concept applies to every aspect of your life, not just financial. It also lets you know that you need to pay attention to your environment. Look at the people around you. Do they have a prosperity consciousness or do they have a lack consciousness. Lack in one area of your life (or anyone else's life) such as health, wealth, peace of mind, happiness, relationships, etc oozes over into the other areas of your life.

If you hold on to old friends who are mostly negative in their outlook or have given their power to external circumstances, then it's bound to influence you - no matter how much you think you want to expand your view and experience in life. There is one person in my life who was absent for several years and then when we were reunited, I realized how negative that person was and had we continued to be in contact during all those years, I would NOT have grown spiritually and achieved so much. I would have been mired in the negativity.

Do you feel mired? Dragged down? Do you feel like you're on the Titanic as it's sinking? If so, and if you've been working to change your momentum and attraction, then look at the people you hang out with. What is their consciousness? If it's not in sync with yours, then it's going to interfere with your momentum and you want to get away from them. Not always easy but definitely worth exploring how you can change that relationship - maybe you don't have to hang around where they do or maybe you can change the conversations when they go down Negativity Road.

Same thing applies when you look at your home or office surroundings. What do they say about you? Are you holding on to old things because you feel you'll need them and are afraid to let go? What period of time in your life do the things around you represent? Richness or lack? Change things up - surround yourself with things you want!

Small changes are important in changing your momentum and getting the Law of Attraction to work for you the way you want it to.

Try it this week. Journal about your family, friends, office, home, car (clean it up) and anything else you see every day.


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