Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1"If we had a child, or anyone, and we caught them doing something inappropriate, we would not amplify it with our words. We would identify what it is we do not want, and then out of it would come the rocket of desire of what we do want, and then we would just visualize, visualize, visualize, until we find peace within our vision. When you make someone and their action the heart of a vision that you've spent time on -- your relationship improves, your experience is better, and they receive the benefit of the experience. But if you catch them, and see them, and worry about it, and put mechanisms in place to prevent it, now you have not only amplified it, you have now made a commitment that is hooking you both into that, until usually it gets big enough that you break apart, and then you attract others to fulfill that role."
---Abraham - Excerpted from the workshop: Chicago, IL on April 25, 1999

Bottom line what this says is that you should put your attention where you want it to go, not necessarily where it is at the present moment. If you're upset or mad, take some deep breaths and then visualize what it is you'd like (or where you'd like to be). Do NOT spend time being upset and angry even if it's justified. Because what does that do? It simply brings more of the bad situation (more for you to be mad about) into your life. And that is definitely not what you want to happen.

Focus on what you want; on how you want things to turn out. Even if they don't turn out exactly that way, I guarantee you that they will turn out better than if you just focus on the  way things are right now if they aren't going the way you want. You do not need the additional stress you create by focusing on the negative momentum.  Remove as much stress from your life as you possibly can. You're going to have some stress that you're unable to do anything about but there are stresses that you can control.

Try to get off whatever the bad things are and move to your desires and get the momentum going in that direction.


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