Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1"Don't do anything that you don't really want to do. Keep yourself in a place of feeling good. Reach for the thought that feels better -- and watch what happens." ---Abraham [Excerpted from the workshop: Boston, MA on October 10, 1999]

Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do but is it that we don't want to do them or we'd rather be doing something else? Either way, we really shouldn't be doing something that we really despise. That will bring us down and our vibration down.

If you find yourself in a position where things aren't feeling the best, try to reach deep to find something about the situation that you can hold onto that would make you feel better. That's "reaching for a better feeling thought." It might even be something simple like "I'm so glad I have a home and a great family" or even "I love my dog. I'm so lucky." Let me give you an example. Right now is the first time in 5 years that I haven't been able to do any form of exercise for several weeks. At times, it starts to get to me and I start to imagine and worry about how "out of shape" I'm getting and how lucky everyone else is that I see running along my street. But then I slap myself and say "stop it. You are healthy and you can use this time to exercise your mind and allow your body to regenerate, Terrie." I then stop and realize that there are always life lessons in everything that happens to me (and to everyone for that matter) and it's my responsibility to identify what those lessons are and do something productive with them. When I move to that type of thinking, I actually get excited thinking about it. My vibration moves from really down (with the potential for spiraling further and further down that rabbit hole) to an upward momentum of excitement and curiosity.

You can do this with any situation you're in. Stop and assess where you are and maybe where you could be if you allow yourself to continue that line of thinking. Do you want to continue to go in that direction? If not, then find something, anything that can help you feel different. It may not be a massive upward swing in your attitude but as long as it's an improvement and a "better feeling thought", you're on your way to changing your life for the better!


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