Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1"Once you've decided that you want something, the opposite of it is going to be very much a part of your awareness too." ~Abraham   Excerpted from: Napa, CA on February 27, 1997

This is the basis beyond Contrast vs Clarity. One way we can use to determine what we really want is to look at what we don't want - often that is more clear to us than what we want.  In fact, it's frequently not until we have this thing in front of us that has all the characteristics we do not want in our life that we can get as specific as we need to be in order to "place our order correctly". Otherwise it's like going on amazon and seeing a blurry picture of some kind of machine and you don't have any details listed but have to decide that you want to place an order based on the blurry picture and maybe the description only. Who knows what you'll get.

Don't be surprised then, when you spend the right amount of time and put the right effort into determining what you want and then all of a sudden you start seeing the opposite - it's as if it's in your face all the time. Some of this has to do with the RAS (Reticular Activating System where your brain sorts out the millions of data that are bombarding us minute by minute. Once you've started to think of something, the RAS will pull more of that into your conscious awareness. Think about a certain type of car and then tomorrow see how many of that type of car you see on the road around you.)

Do NOT let the appearance of the "opposite" sway you from what you desire, however. Use its appearance to help you hone in on the specifics of what you really want. We're all too frequently in a hurry and make declarations of what we want and do not delve into the specifics. "I want a partner" is a common wish - well, does that mean you want a business partner, a love partner, what? Does it matter whether he or she is mean and rotten or dishonest? Does it matter how old they are?

See what I mean about being specific. If you're starting a new business, outline who you want for your ideal client. Write it down and then when you see other people and how they deal with service people see if they might be giving you other hints to add to your "wants" and "don't wants" list.

Pay attention this week to see what's popping up all around you.


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