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“What is manifesting (in the metaphysical sense of the term?)”

“What is the meaning of Metaphysics?”

“What is the importance of Metaphysics in my life”

“What should I know about Metaphysics?”

The dictionary states: ‘To become clear or obvious to the eye or mind. to cause to happen. todisplay or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; to demonstrate something you desired or feared. (according to your expectations)’

In New Thought the word manifest is used loosely to describe something that is occurring in our lives or in someone else. We can manifest happiness or we can manifest misery. We can manifest poverty or we can manifest wealth.

The study of metaphysics is the study of the spiritual laws that are constantly moving to produce according to our thoughts, words, or beliefs. Thus, the importance of understanding that we have created everything in our life. (what is in a child’s life is determined by his parents beliefs until he begins to make his own decisions at about the age of twelve.)

Positive or negative comments register in the subconscious of infants (some people believe even before the child is born) from words they hear from others. When we begin the study of our lives, it is wise to look at previous events to determine what we have attracted in the past. From that we discover beliefs we choose to enhance or beliefs we choose to eliminate. For this we use denials or affirmations.

Denials allow us to say, “I no longer choose to believe that I am (weak, unhappy, selfish, stupid, etc. )” and remove all limiting words.

Affirmations then are added to strengthen the qualities we wish to express. “I am now choosing to believe I am strong, happy, giving, smart, etc.”

To know how energy expresses through what we think allows us to choose the kind of life we want. We can choose to attract what we want and eliminate what we don’t want.

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