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Jane Lee (Coach Jane Lee)

The Law of Dis-Traction” = GREAT POST

“The buzz word out there is the Law of Attraction.
So why do so many of us have a difficult time with following the steps to the Law of Attraction. Is it possible that we are so distracted with everyday mundane thoughts that we become distracted with applying the Law of Attraction into our daily rituals. Maybe there is more to it than just perceiving positive thoughts and the need to take action to get closer to your dream/goal.

The principal of the Law of Attraction is a good thing. Let’s take it a step further. My equation is this-
Mindset—————-> Visualization—————–> Momentum—————–> Produces Outcome

So what does this all mean?

Attitude and thought patterns are critical. If you are negative and think negative you are going to be negative. So what do all negative people need to do. Check your attitude at the door. But how? By reconditioning your mindset. How do you know something will produce a negative outcome if you have not attempt to even try? It’s all a perception. So, give it a chance to see what happens before it even happens. For example- Before you meet your blind date, you start thinking the guy is a hairy gorilla with a bad attitude and shorter than you. What do you think is going to happen? You already have a preconceived thought and already passed judgement on the poor guy. The date will turn out horrible because no matter what you will find something wrong with the guy. Now, if you are open with the mindset of “Whatever happens? I attract great guys and we are just sitting down and chatting over a cup of coffee. No pressure.”, then what do you think will happen?

Seeing the big picture is key. With athletes they visualize crossing the finish line if they are a runner or the baseball player see themselves hitting a home run. If you see success and feel success then the chances you are successful.

Taking action steps to get you closer to your dream and goal. It’s great to think and will Law of  Attraction, but you need to do something to make things happen by taking action. This will then lead to desired results.

This is when you look at the results. If they have not been met, then you re-evaluate and implement the necessary actions to get closer to the desired outcome. If they have been met, then look at what is next?”

As I have a book and my biggest issue was marketing - Tara’s blog is near and dear to my heart!

Tara Katchaturoff

“Moving forward … even in the tough times
By Tara Kachaturoff Marketing Coach

We all have good intentions about getting things done. We need to answer emails, return phone calls, and organize our files. And, then there’s that other part to be concerned with … umm… our life. We have our loved ones, friends and others in our life. We have our hobbies, activities, not to mention the day-to-day activities we need to manage in our lives. One thing we know for sure is everything takes time. Yes, many of the things we need to do are really easy. However, there are usually a lot more things to do than there is time in a day.

Sometimes things happen in life. Sudden things. Things that can cause great turmoil — like the death of a loved one, serious family issues and so on. And no matter how much you want to just keep things as they are, sometimes life is going to feel like it’s really out of control. And, that’s the time you need to just let go. Focus on the basics, let go of anything extra. While it’s hard to back-burner favorite projects, obligations to groups, and all the other things that you thought “super-human” you could do, sometimes you just have to deal with life stuff. You need mental space, time to grieve, time to process, and time to just feel the myriad of emotions that accompany life-changing events.

So just for today, know in your heart that God will never give you more than you can handle, but make sure to be ready to let go and just do the basics if and when you may need to in the future.”

or this

Book Marketing Strategies – Write a Press Release to Promote Your Book
By Tara Kachaturoff Marketing Coach ·

It’s important to promote your book through as many channels as possible.  Why?  Different marketing venues and strategies appeal to different people.  And, the more places you’re “seen,” the better.  This is one reason I frequently suggest authors use a variety of strategies – fee and free, online and offline.

One excellent strategy you can and should use is writing and publishing press releases online.  Not only do they allow you to reach a wide audience, but also they can be picked up by local and national media.  In addition, you can enjoy a link from the press release site back to your site which can be quite beneficial depending on the site’s ranking.  The more links you have back to your site from highly-ranked press release sites (or any site for that matter), the better.

In case you’re new to press releases, here’s a little background.  A press release is a wonderful way to tell the world about your newly published book.  A press release is a media tool that announces all the details about a newsworthy event.  Publishing your book is definitely newsworthy.

When you write a press release, it’s important to include a compelling headline, and then answer all the questions that any good journalist would address –who, what, where, how, when and why.  The press release should be written in the third person and can include quotations to add additional depth to its content.  Nowadays, depending on the press release site, you can include other social media content as well such as audio and video.  To find out more about how to write press releases, search on Google.”

Great info on an important fear we must deal with….

Shelly Lisoskie
Today’s Leader Online

Fear of Success
“Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid of the success that they know will result if they move ahead now. Because success is heavy, carries a responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the ’someday I’ll’ philosophy.” (Dennis Waitley)

I have been saying this very same thing for years and I usually get this response: “Don’t you mean the fear of failure?” To which I give a resounding, “NO!” Fear of success is the only reason people do the same thing, day after day, with the same mediocre results, but who still complain that they don’t have this or can’t do that. If people expect you to fail, you will always live up to their expectations. If they expect you to succeed, then you have  more chance of failing.

I have worked with countless employees, contractors, consultants and students over a 25 year career and I have heard every excuse under the sun about why they couldn’t succeed. It was always someone or something that was in their way. They don’t have any money. The timing isn’t right. School is too expensive. I make it today – I have hair appointment. Blah, blah, blah…”

This is what I love about these challenges - the different types of blogs out there..with really useful info on each of them….

Conscious Breastfeeding Connections

“Breastfeeding Needs A New Marketing Mindset: Part 1

by Máire Clements RN IBCLC

Breastfeeding has been, and remains, the biological norm for feeding human babies since the dawn of time. It is the completion of the pregnancy and birth cycle designed to nurture human beings in their accelerated growth and development after birth. The first 3 months are often called the 4th Trimester because it is during this period that the mother’s milk supply will be established based upon the feedback loop between the baby, breast and brain (pituitary glands).

Early in the 20?th century, drug companies started selling commercial artificial baby milks, aka formula. Gradually women were persuaded that breastfeeding was a choice, rather than the natural food needed to ensure the optimal growth and development of their infants during the first year of life and beyond. In the late 1960’s, formula began to be marketed directly to the medical community and a sharp decline in the initiation and duration of breastfeeding was noted throughout the world. In less than a century, it was no longer the birth right of human babies to be fed their mother’s milk.

What’s a breastfeeding advocate to do to combat the marketing prowess of Big Pharma? For the past 25 years legions of dedicated lactation professionals and breastfeeding women have pondered this question, myself included.”

You know I had to include this one being that I’m such a New York Yankees Fan!

Jeff Wise

How To Hit a Baseball Farther
We’re not going to start talking about weight lifting programs today as we seek how to hit a baseball farther. Strength training programs are good and fine but we need to first focus on hitting mechanics and how to take advantage of that first. If you don’t have good hitting mechanics then you aren’t going to hit the ball very much anyway.

Keep both hands on the bat until …

Contact! Don’t let go of your bat until just after you make contact so that you can get the maximum amount of power while still having that full extension. Right after contact is when you can let go with your top hand. Too many hitters let go of the bat with their top hand way too early and some hitters don’t let go at all.”

And there are many other tips on hitting baseballs

Martha was in the last 30 day blog challenge and did a bang-up job…check her out…

Martha Giffen

The new buzz words:  Relationship Marketing

Everybody’s talking about it but what does it mean?

Here’s my take on it:  It simply means you sorta/kinda/really get to know your customers and others who might be interested in your products.  They not only put a name with a face, but they feel a connection!

There is one constant in business that never changes:

People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  Period.

This has been true since the beginning of time and it’s not about to change now!  There’s only one good way for people to get to know you (especially with your online biz).  They have to see you often.

Of course, you hope they are visiting your site often but that is really passive behavior on your part.  You have to be pro-active!  You have to put yourself in the forefront of their minds.

You have to know how to keep your brand “out there”!

Use E-mails. Be sure and e-mail your customers and potential customers on a regular basis.  In our business, that means use the autoresponders and “talk” to your list.  Let them get to “know” you in a very friendly way through e-mail.  Of course, be sure and let them know about special offers on your products and new content on your blog, but, you also want to give  useful information in the form of tips or links to other useful sites.  Be helpful!

Newsletters. This is a proven method that works!  If you fill that newsletter full of great info, people will begin to know and like you. If your newsletter is beneficial to your target audience, you will be known in no time!

Social Networking. You knew I’d go here.  It has been the catalyst that has driven my own business forward and I am a firm believer in it!  Be visible!  “Talk” to your customers on Twitter, “friend” them on Facebook, and connect with them on LinkedIn.  The more places you connect, the better!

Be accessible. Make sure that people know you are easy to get in touch with.  Now, I’m not suggesting you let any one dominate your time but you should try to answer your e-mails, respond to comments on your blog,  retweet a good Twitter message, contribute to a FB thread,  and recommend somone’s services on LinkedIn.”

What great advice Tynisha gives here - it would do us all good to take a look at her blog…

Tynisha Thompson

“The idea behind this strategy is to find 5-10 people who are centers of influence and get them to introduce you as an expert to their tribe. Many of us have connections to people in our network and we’re not utilizing the connection. So here are a few example of how that works:”

When creating more visibility for your business, attracting more clients using the internet or launching your book you need to ask yourself:

* What are my goals?
* What’s my mission (or movement)?
* Who is my Target Market?

The most effective Steppin’ Out Referral Strategy is the POI or “Person of Influence” Strategy. Now, full disclosure here I got this strategy from my sales coach, Eric Lofholm. The idea behind this strategy is to find 5-10 people who are centers of influence and get them to introduce you as an expert to their tribe. Many of us have connections to people in our network and we’re not utilizing the connection. So here are a few example of how that works:

A Business Book Author: Jane has written a book targeting business owners in Nevada teaching them how to 6 figure business locally without using the banks. Her goal is to sell 50-100 books a month, score a couple of sweet speaking gigs and build her clientele.

Strategy: Jane regularly attended two large local business networking groups which she found through She had been attending the meetings for over three months consistently and felt comfortable approaching the leader of the group and asking them if she could have an opportunity to speak and sell her books, products at the back of the room. They agreed and said yes especially if they were offered a small commission, which was fine with Jane.  If she sold anything back of room, she paid each “POI” a portion of her sales.

She then took this Steppin’ Out Referral Strategy even further and offered her local chamber to sponsor one of her workshops on how to create a quick cash injection, which put her in front of over 100 people in less than a month. This resulted in word of mouth for her business, sales for her book, and major promotion to the meetup group and chamber members, which resulted in a full pipeline of eager business owners wanting to work with her.

Ever hear about the “atta boy’s” - here’s a whole blog about them…LOL

Sally  and Mike Liddicoat

Check out Sally’s post….
“Surely you have received the same lesson that everyone is taught early in life. Mom is close by. Somebody gives you a treat or does something nice and you hear the ever familiar words, “What do we say?”. Although mom’s voice and tone most likely changed a bit as you grew from two to twelve and beyond, the message is still the same “Don’t forget to say thank you”.

Appreciation. It’s a fairly simple word, yet so many forget all about it. They neglect to express or show it as often as they probably should to the people that impact their life in a positive way. Keep in mind, no occasion is necessary. In fact, small surprises and tokens of your appreciation spread throughout the year help the people in your life feel valued all year long.

Gestures of appreciation can be big and extravagant or they can be very small and subtle. Either way, or somewhere in between, they have a huge impact. Here are some really simple ways to show your appreciation:

1. Send a heart felt thank-you note or card
2. Give a gift certificate or gift card to their favorite coffee shop
3. Have fresh cut flowers delivered
4. Extend an invitation for a cup of coffee or lunch
5. Present a small gift – the gift, and the gesture of providing it, will light up their day
6. Pick up the phone and give them a call – yes, it can be that simple
7. Tell them what you think they are particularly great at and why”

Here’s one by Mike….
“People are creatures of habit -they really do like to go back to the same place whenever possible. There is a certain comfort in the familiar. So why would your customer want to leave you and buy from someone else?

Here are 4 possible reasons:

They are unhappy with the way that they are treated
They are unhappy with the price
They are unhappy with the product/service or
They die, and are no longer buying anywhere
A poor manager or small thinking owner focuses on the second reason and believes that if we just cut our price below our competitor our customers will never leave. However, the main reason for most businesses is that the customers are unhappy with the way they are treated.  How can that be you say? Think about your own buying experience. You don’t shop at the cheapest place. You don’t just look for bargains. You look for a company that treats you fairly, appreciates you, offers great customer service, has helpful and friendly employees and lets you know that you are important to them, even if you spend more than at the store across the street.”

And of course because he’s retired military as am I and because he talks about PLR products which are important for all of us, I picked …..

George Arthur Burks

“Hi. My name is George Arthur Burks and I wanted to welcome you to my new blog Private Label Rights for Profit. Before I start my first blog post, you should know I decided to remove my 5 previous posts because I wanted the launch of my blog to coincide with Jeanette Cates 30 Day Blog Challenge that started June 1, 2010. So I will need a total of 35 blog posts to complete the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

My personal history is in my about me page, but briefly, I retired from the military after 20 years of serving my country. I worked for Wal-Mart and some other well known corporations after my retirement but I wanted more. I had toyed around with an online business in the 1994–1995 period and I did make some money, but it was tough. I remember my web hosting account was $49.95 a month. The search engine you wanted to get listed in was AltaVista. There was no one to tell you how to make money online. I decided to concentrate on my military career but I never lost interest in owning my own business.”

He’s got articles on Branding and affiliate products etc…check it out if you don’t know about PLR (and even if you do..LOL)

Boy here’s a guy after my own heart too- he’s got great affirmations..

Bob Crawford

“Have you have ever felt like you are backed into a corner and that your choices are being limited? This is a common feeling, and one that does not help you move toward your dreams and desires.

Don’t despair though!

Today’s power affirmation is all about opening yourself up to choice, and finding opportunity in your life.

Yes, there is opportunity in your life right now! It may not appear that way sometimes, but it is there, just waiting for you to take advantage of it.

The truth is that there are always choices – in any situation – but often we get so hung up on one particular aspect of our challenge that we fail to see the way out. We miss the chance, we blow our opportunity.  Then, after the fact, we beat ourselves up for not seeing the obvious.

But by using power affirmations on a daily basis, you can create a winning mindset, a mindset that is always looking for opportunities to move you closer to your dreams.

Here is today’s power affirmation:

I am open and aware of all the many ways that my dreams may manifest in my life. I always choose the most appropriate course of action, and I am ready for the results of my actions. I am grateful for the opportunities that have brought me this far, and I look for, and expect, many more opportunities to manifest my desires, each and every day. My life is full of opportunity!”

Then there’s this post…right up my alley

“How NOT to Succeed in Life – The Law of Attraction at Work

How NOT to succeed… it’s easier than you think!
You might be surprised, but it turns out that it the law of attraction works no matter which direction you decide to point your life in. In fact, as you may have discovered, it is just as easy to attract mediocrity and failure into your life, as it is to attract abundance and success.

There is really no difference!

So, with that in mind, I wrote a short little list for those of you who are tired of struggling to reach your desires and are ready to crawl back into the warmth and safety of your comfort zone.

The following ten tips are guaranteed to help keep success away, and every single tip has been recommended by leading experts in the fields of failure and disappointment.

10 Ways to Make Sure Your Life Does NOT Get Better

Buy self help books… but don’t ever read them.
Read self help books… but don’t try any of the ideas that you read about.
Spend a lot of time talking about changing your life… but don’t ever make changes.”

I love this title and the content of course..

Fiona Bosticky

PART 1 – Getting a handle on the necessary-for-success Marketing Plan

Every small business, or freelancer, who is responsible for generating income must consider the marketing side of their business – ie. how they will find customers.Marketing Strategy

A lot of people go into business from being employed, where they excelled in their profession, but they may not have been responsible for gaining new clients.  So to suddenly be faced with the prospect of mapping this out and doing a “Marketing Plan”.  It can feel a little scary.

This is especially true when, for example, you download your local business help centre’s Marketing Planning template and it is 29 pages long and filled with some scary sections.  So to make it easier, here are some tips to get you started with your Abnormal Marketing Plan.


A Marketing Plan can be as long as you want.  It can be 50 pages or it can be 2 pages.  There are really no rules here, so whatever suits your style and business – go for it.

Who Should Contribute

There is an old stigma that a bunch of guys in suits, sit around the boardroom table, and discuss marketing strategy and planning.  Then once everything is decided, bits of the information get passed to everybody else in the company.

As a small business, I say, get everyone and anyone in the business to contribute, as much or as little as they want.  As a freelancer, it’s just you, so there is no escape.  But once you have employees it is so important they get a chance to participate and present feedback.  And discussing marketing strategy doesn’t need to be scary.  It can even be done over coffees.

Marketing of a businesses products and/ or services, doesn’t just come from management.  It comes from every single person in the business or representing the business.  So it’s important they understand how they fit in and how important their role is.”

How about this name - Want to know about ebay?
Just as important - read about her Run Drama Run…see below

Danna Crawford

“Many people that know me know how I feel about drama. I know from personal experience drama can ruin relationships, businesses, and upset close family ties. I do believe there are a few different levels of drama. Sometimes a business can run into conflicts within the business structure which is actually more of a solution solving issue than it is a dramatic type of issue. While trying to solve a business dilemma, it can sometimes feel like drama. Learning to identify this can help trigger solutions rather than disastrous decisions. I suggest business owners take a step back and seek out solutions embracing the issue as a positive challenge.

Family is indeed a part of our life. And as the saying goes “You can pick your friends but not your family members” although this may be true we do have choices. We can choose to support each other in times of trouble or walk away. I do suggest always reaching out to family and supporting all delicate issues in a positive manner. If the drama does get too deep then it may be time to bow out of the discussion and learn to “bite” your tongue a bit more often. This rule can help keep the peace many times over. Sleeping on issues before speaking can save family relationships many times over.
Living a life of trying to be drama free is very challenging. Drama seems to creep in behind the tightest of the sealed shut doors. As a Christian I tend to mumble under my breath “Devil Get behind me, in the name of Jesus” when I feel the pressure of drama close by.  I knew I couldn’t  possibly do this alone so I decided to seek out 100 BLOGGERS willing to share some of their positive energy with all the readers. So far I have about 20 BLOGGERS signed up and today I want to invite everyone reading this to contact me if you would like to participate I will add you to the list of authors. The only rule is to provide positive posts now and then! This is not a big commitment but I do ask to post something at the very least of once a month. Once a week would be great but not a requirement and is welcomed if you dare!”

More from Danna— Great quote:
“Drama will destroy your business, your life and you.
Surround yourself with positive energy, positive people,
positive words and you will go far!”

“Living a life of trying to be drama free is very challenging. Drama seems to creep in behind the tightest of the sealed shut doors. As a Christian I tend to mumble under my breath “Devil Get behind me, in the name of Jesus” when I feel the pressure of drama close by.

A few years ago I purchased the domain name: and I didn’t do anything with it until recently. The idea came to me once again as drama had entered my life once again, all I could think of in the back of my brain was “Run Drama Run” while it was taking place. This is when I became inspired to finally set up a site encouraging everyone that reads it to remain drama free! I knew I couldn’t  possibly do this alone so I decided to seek out 100 BLOGGERS willing to share some of their positive energy with all the readers. So far I have about 20 BLOGGERS signed up and today I want to invite everyone reading this to contact me if you would like to participate I will add you to the list of authors. The only rule is to provide positive posts now and then! This is not a big commitment but I do ask to post something at the very least of once a month. Once a week would be great but not a requirement and is welcomed if you dare!”

Here’s another ebay expert

Suzie Eads

Something to Sell on eBay Vintage Photo Albums
In my 12 years of selling on eBay I’ve come across some strange items.  From time to time I think about some of my more unusual sales.  Here is one of them…go to the blog to see the photos…”

Here’s something about her….In fact, since I’m not really an eBay person,I think Suzie’s “About” page is extremely interesting…check it out

“General info:I have 5 children and one grumpy husband. I like to refer to my grumpy husband as  “The Man”.  Because well, he is  the Man.. and a little grumpy.

We live on 40 acres in Kansas. About 30 miles south west of Kansas City. We don’t farm our land.. but we do have lots of turkey and deer that live here. We also have a few domestic animals: 4 farm cats, 2 Hamsters, 11 Degu’s 5 hermit crabs and one DOGUE DE BORDEAUX Porky. When I’m not homeschooling, involved in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Group or working on my eBay stuff you can find me at a farm/estate auction.”

Here’s a unique but important topic - Cyber Bullying

Judy H. Wrigh
aka Auntie

Victims Look Afraid

Teach your children to imagine themselves inside a protective bubble
that bounces off the bullies words. This will give them some control
in a situation where they may feel helpless.

When choosing a victim or target, bullies typically target children or teens
who have few or no friends. Make sure your children have chances to
make friends away from where the bullying takes place.

Claim your free e-course on social skills today at

When Should Adults Step In?

If bullying is persistent, or your child is injured, take action. If
bullying happens at school, take the matter up with a suitable
teacher and work upward until the matter is taken seriously
and addressed. Keep written records which may be used as

But remember, You are an adult, so don’t try to bully the
other child or the school. You want to follow the wishes of
your child before barging in to do battle.

You will be glad you did.

“He is picking on me because I have big ears.” “I hate school.” “Nobody likes me.” “My friend called me fat.” “Someone texted lies about me.” “Mom, you have to do something.”

As I teach parenting classes around the country, many lovely well-dressed, calm and intelligent women confide in me that they turn into a Mother Lion when their children are threatened. They are embarrassed to admit to the whole group but share privately that no holds are barred when a bully picks on their baby.

They say that all of their protective instincts rise up and they become ready to do battle. I know how they feel, because I have felt those same feelings when my child was teased or bullied. But my children let me know in no uncertain terms that if I over reacted, they would not share any more confidences with me. This may have happened to you as well.

What’s A Mother To Do?”

All women MUST go to this blog and read about the signs and symptoms of brain attack (stroke) - this is ESSENTIAL - what I pulled below is just an excerpt
I can also tell you this women is brilliant - I just interviewed her tonight!

Joyce Hansen

“Could you be one of the 425,000 women who experience a brain attack/stroke each year?

Yesterday, we covered Your Chances for Having a Female Brain Attack. Today is a follow-up to recognizing the symptoms.

There are two sets of brain attack/stroke symptoms to be aware of.  The first is five classic symptoms that are usually associated with both men and women.  The second is seven symptoms that are unique to women and often go unrecognized for their potential danger. Women lacking awareness of these unique symptoms often dismiss them and delay seeking critical medical assistance.

The five classic brain attack/stroke symptom to be aware of are:

1. Weakness or numbness occurring in the face, arm, leg (usually on only one side of the body)
2. Mental confusion, inability to speak or understand coherently
3. Blurring of vision in either both or one eye
4. Inability to walk, onset of dizziness or loss of balance and/or coordination
5. Severe headache without a known cause”

Mary Pat FitzGibbons

Weight Loss and Stress
I share with you yesterday about picking up a blog challenge for 30 days. I have lots of healthy information that I would like to share with people.

Like you I can get caught up in the stress of every day life. Yes, I face the same types of joy’s and challenges you do, dear reader. Here is a little blurb about me.

I am an RN with 37+ years of experience, including Critical Care, Coronary Care, Home Intravenous Therapy, Home Care, Hospice, and management. I am also an Energy Healer in private practice since 1996. I practice Healing Touch, Brennan Healing Science, Reiki, Sound Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Essential Oils and Presence to name a few tricks in my bag.

Currently I work part time as a Hospice Nurse at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton NY. (Yes, I am a real person). I also teach Healing Touch, and classes in Essential Oils. I am developing a Healing School in Harrisburg PA with Emma Newman @ Emma’s Center. We have just completed our first year.”

Blogging About Healthy Weight (Loss)
Well, I have signed up for another blog challenge.  If you have a blog and you want to join us, join here for Dr Jeantte Cates 30 day blog challenge.

I am going to do this challenge on this blog for weight loss. I am hoping for several results. I want more readers. And I want your input. What do you need to know to attain and maintain a healthy weight?

I invite you all to check out my FREE 5 Success Tips for Weight Loss report here.

I also am looking to make contact with other blogger’s and Internet business builders. We can do together, what we can’t do alone.

Another plus to this challenge is to get me in the regular habit of blogging my helpful information. I can get caught up in every work and life, just like you do. It gets very easy to say, “I write that blog tomorrow”. And “tomorrow” I am just as tired and overwhelmed.”

This is a post I really like -
“Getting Fit with “Wii”
Can a computer game help get you fit? You bet it can. The Nintendo Wii game  gets you up off the couch and having fun.

Wii offers you many choices in fitness games. Programs offer solo and group exercises and games.

The fitness programs include pilates, yoga, strength, training plus, aerobics, and balance. There are a ton of games. You can go bowling. How about golfing? Did you ever want to be a cheer leader? Now is your chance. Be careful not o overdo it. You might just be having too much fun and forget to stop.

Active Life Outdoor Challenge

This is a mixed pack of workout games that you can do with a friend if you want (that’s the challenge element). You’ll need to try a few of the options to find what works best for you. They will all work you hard, and some are also a lot of fun. With Active Life Outdoor Challenge you will be running, jumping, pumping your arms and stretching as far as you could wish.”

More to come….

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