My Experiences With Change

from-work-to-play---change-happensOver the years I've had many opportunities to make the most of change. I haven't done so very often. But my good experiences with change really began last year when I got a new boss. And the year since then has been filled with many changes. It's as if this past year has been jam packed with all the things I should have done or absorbed over all my other years....that's a lot of years to cram into one tiny year.

Fortunately due to my training in the Law of Attraction (both with Reverend Anne Kunath and as a Law of Attraction coach) I have learned to go with the flow, so to speak, and not be as resistant as I've been all the rest of my life. I'm a stubborn, red-headed  German and if those characteristics don't make you resistant to change, nothing will.

So last year I took positive action when I felt my new boss was ignoring me and leaving me out. I used the Book of Positive Aspects as well as segment intending and talked with her and more importantly opened my mind to see what she was teaching us. As I looked upon these changes, I realized how much I had to learn from her and opened my mind and arms even more to absorb everything I could. As it turned out, this was the BEST Boss I've ever had in my life. I learned more from her than I ever have in my entire working career.

My changes actually started before I met my new boss. The year of change (better than the year of the rat I guess) really began when I tried the same Tennessee Trek that I finally completed this year. I stopped after 104 miles and this was the beginning of a new life. I had to deal with the back pain that was bothering me so much - that was pretty debilitating but it led me to dealing with the emotions of quitting and then it led me to a new way of eating. A healthier way and my eating habits have continued to be in the healthy mode since then. That helped decrease the inflammation in my back but more importantly it led me to the psychology of eating coaching training that I've just completed. Each path was opened up because I allowed myself to stay out of the resistance mode. Remember that what you resist persists.

Things were going along fine and dandy until February of this year when I ended up having a medical issue that required surgery in March. After that I had more problems with my digestive track and was unable to run for 6 weeks. I had to review what that was teaching me and also not resist those restrictions. This hasn't been easy but I now know that it paved the way for my feet fractures which has completely sidelined me from any activity. Even though I completed the run, I have now been 8 weeks unable to exercise and run. But on labor day weekend, I realized that I had needed that prolonged restriction to rejuvenate my body and get me back into the excited mode of running. A few days or a week's rest just wouldn't have done it. Although I'm still not back to running I know that this forced downtime was essential for me to regroup and start retraining.

In all these past few months I've gotten a new boss again. This one is another exercise in not showing resistance. I obviously didn't learn enough last year or I would not necessarily have to repeat this same experience.

This down time has also afforded me the opportunity to review this past year and see what lessons I've learned and maybe still have to learn. It is always beneficial for us to do this.

Do your own inventory of the past 6-12 months and see what you've learned or what you have resisted. What can you say about yourself and change based on this review?

Tell us about it.


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