“News at 11…….Be Prepared Before You Tune In”

Teleseminar This Coming Thursday - 4 September 2008”

Have you ever wondered why you say things or act the way you do? Have you ever thought something or said something and then asked yourself “Where the heck did that come from?” as if it had just popped out of no where?”

We are so programmed by others that it’s almost frightening - until we realize that we actually CAN do something about it. We operate based on our belief systems - we all know that by now. But where do those belief systems come from?

Not all of us are acutely aware of that answer - most of our beliefs were created/embedded by the authority figures of our past - parents, teachers, religious figures, close friends, etc.

In this day and age we are continually influenced by those around us and if we do not keep an attentive eye/ear on what is constantly streaming into our subconscious minds, we are subject to what is being placed there. If you watch the News at 11 (the nightly news), there is very little good or positive information given. At least here in San Antonio, they report the fires, the accidents, the murders, the thefts locally and then go on and on about horrible events in the country.

Look at politics even - we’ve resorted to “Don’t vote for Joe Blow because he’s crooked or dumb or inexperienced etc”, not “Vote for me because I have done x or I will do…..”.

We must break this constant input of negative thinking and programming if we are to live a happy and successful life. Now, don’t be thinking that we want you to go into a plastic bubble or anything. We just think you should be prepared with the proper techniques before you watch all that programming (notice they call it “TV Programming”).

You should be prepared so that you can listen but choose not to be internally affected by everything that’s put out.

  • Some of what will be discussed on this teleseminar includes:

    —Creating and Accepting your desires as your authority

    How to program your subconsious to reject words, attitudes, action that oppose what you have determined for your own life.

    —Reactions that cause interference with our dreams.

    Refusing to let other people opinions cause you to doubt your ability to demonstrate your goals,

    —Explaining/Countering/Refusing race consciousness.

    Becoming aware of other peoples statements you don’t want in your life.

    —Instructing your subconscious to refuse negative thoughts, behavior, feelings.

    Ordering your subconscious to maintain constant awareness of your direction to refuse comments of others.

    —Directing your subconscious to prevent fear thoughts of lack.. physical, emotional, financial.

    And, affirmations for all of the above.

There is no charge for this teleseminar but you must be on the live call. The only replay is for members of Everyday New Thought Membership Site (as is the case with all our calls).

To sign up for the call, enter your name and email address below and click the “Sign me up, Anne” button and we’ll see you on Thursday.

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