No Child Should Have To Suffer

stjudeYou know that once a year I write about St Jude Children's Research Hospital because my local radio station has a radiothon to raise money for this wonderful organization.  This year is no exception.

And you know what? Every year I learn something new. But it always comes back around to the fact that no child should have to suffer! And I believe no family should have to endure what the families of children with cancer have to endure. Of course, I feel the same way about anyone who has cancer or cancer is in the family somewhere. However, to me, children are such precious beings that have done absolutely nothing wrong in their lives and have not had any time to develop defense mechanisms to deal with the fear and pain that accompanies such a diagnosis and the treatment (and/or prognosis).

There is no great meaning to today's post. Just an encouragement to look beyond yourself and see who you can help in whatever way you can. If you can give a few dollars to St Jude or some other charity that would be phenomenal and it will make you feel good too. You never know what a few bucks might do to help a child with cancer. Why am I so "into" St Jude? Not only because of the great research they have done with children's cancer and AIDS and other catastrophic diseases but also because no family ever has to pay at St Jude. All their needs are taken care of. St Jude simply wants the family to focus on their child and getting him or her better. No insurance worries, nothing. When you have to drop everything in your entire life to take care of your child, you need help. Help from friends, from family and from strangers. Being essentially alone in this life, I know what the fear of not having anyone around to ask for help is like. I always feel as if I'm imposing on people if I ask for help. St Jude and all its contributors want to offer those families help without asking.

I've been to St Jude and I can tell you that there is nothing but love and joy that exudes from the walls there. Even the children who are suffering are smiling. They run around the halls pulling little red wagons with their IV/chemo packs in the wagon. Nothing seems to stop them. The doctors, nurses and patients all eat in the same cafeteria. They all cry together, they laugh together. They are one. Isn't that the essence of what we all should be?

To be what they call a "partner in hope" is only $20 a month. Look at your expenses and see what you don't really need and could give up to help a child fight against this horrible disease. Do you eat out? I bet that you could not eat out once a month and that would be your $20 a month. What about your beer money, your pizza money, your daily Starbucks? Maybe you're fortunate enough to not be touched by cancer (although I don't think there are very many people who haven't had their lives touched in some way). But do you know what's around the corner? No, no one does. What if your $20 a month was the tipping point for finding the cure?

Think about what you can give to others, whether it's St Jude or not. It will make you feel really good. Think about it.

Thank you.


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