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We are having so much fun at Everyday New Thought! The current Premier and Charter members are actively searching and exploring all the materials that we have.

Are you so squared away that you don’t need to take advantage of Dr. Anne Kunath’s 33 years of helping people quickly and easily apply the secrets of the universe?

Do you think, perhaps, that the folks that are capitalizing on The Law of Attraction have it all “taken care of”?

I”m not knocking The Secret because it did a phenomenal service to the world - a gigantic and much needed wake-up call! But, the way people have just tried to piggy back on top of it, marketing everything as related to The Law of Attraction is a bit bothersome. Rhonda Byrne NEVER said that The Law of Attraction was all you needed to learn. Not at all. She tells everyone that her inspiration came from Wallace D. Wattle’s The Science of Getting Rich. There are more laws than just The Law of Attraction. So why stop there? Part of what’s happening is that people aren’t setting the groundwork so their attempt at using The Law of Attraction “fails”. But what they don’t understand is that they didn’t fail at all. They didn’t deal with the underlying issues.

Even Dr. Joe Vitale has a new book “The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You want”. 
Dr. Vitale was a major star in “The Secret” but he’s also a renowned metaphysician - did you know that? 
It’s right under his name in the movie. So, he’s a teacher and mentor of this philosophy.
The Key

Much of what he discusses and terms “clearing” is what Anne explains as “denials” — the purpose is to “clear the land” of your subconscious.

Everyday New Thought contains the works of this master of metaphysics - and you can have access for a month for only $1.00 and then only $15.00 per month (until the Charter membership offer ends). This is just amazing. She has studied and taught this material for longer than most of the folks on the web at this time. I know from personal experience and receiving Divine Surprise after Divine Surprise since I first studied under Anne that this is THE biggest bargain on the web. I had a pizza the other night - a medium pizza delivered (the ultimate of laziness but I was busy working on my taxes) and the cost of that one meal was $18.61 (not including the tip). When you join Everyday New Thought, you pay just $1.00 for the first month. After that you pay FIFTY CENTS ($.50) a day.

Check it out. If for no other reason than to have access to “Are you Keeping Prosperity at Bay”, the “Art of Making Things Happen” starter program, and “The Secret of Abundant Living - The Science of Getting Rich Made Easy”.


So, get your lasso and grab your Charter Membership

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p.s. Here’s a blurb from “The Secret of Abundant Living - The Science of Getting Rich Made Easy

What’s the buzz?

Why all the fuss about a book written in 1910 by someone you probably never heard of before?

With the explosion of information on the Internet today, why should anyone pay attention to a book written a century ago by an obscure author?

Answer: Because this obscure author discovered what the world is searching for—the secret of abundant life.

Wallace D. Wattles discovered eternal truths that have the power to transform the lives of suffering people—anywhere and anytime.

This is the timeless wisdom revealed in Wallace D. Wattles’ Science of Getting Rich.

You’re reading this book because, somewhere deep down inside, you know that you were made to live for so much more. You’re reading this because you’re not satisfied with life as it is.

That’s called “Divine Dissatisfaction,” and it’s always a good sign.”


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