Ooooh, That Feels Good

how_are_you_feeling_button_400_clr_9148Which button will you push today? The "Happy" button I hope.

But lest you think I always am in the "Pollyanna" mode, I would be happy if you hit the "I feel OK" button too. Remember how Abraham talks about the emotional scale and there really are no bad or negative emotions. It's an Emotional Guidance System with the emphasis on the word "guidance". It's not hard and fast and you can move quickly (or slowly) from one emotion to another. It's better, though, if you move up the scale gradually - that avoids all the ups and downs that we experience sometimes. But back to the guidance part - sometimes we need to be deeper thinkers and not just look at the superficial. For example, when we're maybe feeling "down" or "depressed" we might just continue to feel cruddy and think that everything is hopeless. Instead, if we could, it would be beneficial to find out why we feel down and then look at the scale and see what the higher emotion is and if we can try to get there.

Continuing the depressed example, the next emotion on the scale is unworthiness and even jealousy, insecurity and guilt. Then comes hatred and rage -> revenge and anger and so on.

Who would ever think that being jealous or feeling guilty would be a better emotion than depression. But if you think about it, it makes sense because it allows you to generate more energy than you have with depression. It alters your vibration and this is a good thing. The more your vibration raises, the closer you get to feeling better and getting whatever it is you've been asking for in the positive realm.

When you're feeling not as happy as you'd like, try reaching for some thought or memory that made you happy at one time. I have coach_with_whistle_400_clr_4694recently had a very hard time with this. Since I had to drop from my trek across Tennessee only making it 104 miles, I was able to get over the initial disappointment and depression that is associated with wanting something for a year and then not having it materialize. I was able to look at all the factors involved (which are the topics for another time and another place) and then be proud of what did actually do. But what did get me down was the fact that I was sick/injured so badly I could hardly walk for almost three weeks and thought that I would never be able to run again. Most of you know how important running is in my life so that was something I was having a hard time dealing with. I kept trying to get myself back up the emotional scale but wasn't find the key. Finally, though, I was able to  reach out to my EFT coach with whom I had not been in touch with for 8 months. But I knew I wasn't being successful by myself and recognized I needed help. She worked with me and got me on the right track and within a few days my back and body was well on the mend. I still haven't run yet but am just giving it a few more days to completely heal. This is the longest I've been forced to not run in a very long time but it's one of the smartest things I've done. So, even though I could be depressed that I'm not running, I find myself focusing on how smart a a move it is to not push it but to be giving myself time to get better and hopefully not get injured again. I could be focusing on the "poor me" part of all this but I'm making myself attend to the wisdom surrounding my decisions.

Pay attention to the way you feel and do whatever it takes to just move your emotions up the scale. Don't be shooting for the moon but just a  little movement. Once you see that you can accomplish that, then you'll realize you can move up again when you're ready.

Always remember to consider getting a coach especially to help you with these tougher times. Explore different possibilities of engagement with your potential coach. See what will work for you both. But Coaching is invaluable.


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