Other Techniques For Establishing Financial Independence


In addition to multiplying every financial figure by ten or by ten times ten, here’s some other things you should do to establish your financial independence

Begin now filling your mind with pictures of the life you would like to lead when you are financially able.  Study newspapers and magazines with luxurious clothes, homes, hobbies and other things in life which you want to have or experience.

Build you inner mental pictures of your life free from financial worry, free for travel, hobbies, worthwhile accomplishments and good relationships. Regarding the talents and abilities you want to develop, begin studying books and filling your mind with the pictures of fulfillment along that line. Think of organizations you would like to help and the good you’d like your riches to accomplish.

 Build the mental picture of financial independence also for your loved ones, in your own thinking. Free yourself of all that is less than rich, financial independence. Millions of people all over the world are slaves to war, crime, delinquency, and ill health because they ignorantly belive that their wealth lies outside themselves, leaving them wholly dependent on others. Dissolve this destructive, hypnotic belief and do it for others as well as yourself.  Dare to accept the truth that financial independence is one of the God-given rights of all mankind, which you can help to bring forth by your own attitudes, actions and reactions.

You should also begin building your expectancy and faith in financial independence by studying the subjects of finance, economics and investments. Realize in your thinking that you are not bound to the wheel of work, day in and day out.


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