Perspective…An Update

Perspective2I don't usually post on Saturdays but Mr. Bob Hamilton's comment on yesterday's post on perspective made me think (gee and it's Saturday

Our perspective can change from day to day. Case in point is what Bob wrote about the cornfield. I had looked at it as a never ending painful experience. But after reading Bob's comment, thinking about the experience (especially what his son and the other two characters meant to me), and also reading another touching "race report" from the event led me to think about the CORNFIELD in a much different way. I looked at it with a different perspective.

For me it had been another grueling part of the passage. It represented pain and difficulty (trying to maneuver safely). After reading Bob's comment and thinking about what all that meant to me, I now look at that CORNFIELD as a very positive and important thing. It is still part of the passage but a very important part - it was the "foyer", so to speak, leading to the entrance way (the short trip in the woods) which led to the DOORWAY - the finish and the passage to the next part of my life. Marching along in the foyer together (sort of - the boys did go ahead but they waited for us girls), Dorothy (Diane) allowed Toto (me) to cry on her shoulder and helping me out with her better light. This was our last rite of passage. We had to traverse this long, dark, rutty CORNFIELD in order to reach the peace and quiet and inner glow of the finish. Like Sand Mountain just before it, it was hard but it made the end much more memorable, not only because of the difficulty but also because of the beautiful people that were pulling me along, forging a deeper friendship than we had before.

I now look at the CORNFIELD differently. It was just before the end when often times things are tougher and the whole idea is to NOT quit then, but to continue on and you'll reap the benefits!

See how just reading something or just listening to others can help you put things in a different perspective. Keep your eyes and ears open and see what evolves in your life in the next few weeks. Record/journal when your outlook (Perspective) changes and what made it change?


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