Phrase of the Week

How about this one? I’ll bet you hear this at least once a week. You can hear it on TV shows, read it it in the papers, listen to your friends, etc.

But if you were on the teleseminar the other night, you’ll realize that you can completely change this around.

See what you think.




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2 thoughts on “Phrase of the Week

  1. Very interesting take on that. I’d always liked the core message of that phrase but sort of resisted it because it had such "jock" connotations. I never even saw the "noting gained" part as a possible detrimental hypnotic phrase. Much better, of course, is "just do it", even though it’s gotten bit trite over the years.

    Thanks for the video!


  2. Hi Geoff – thanks for sharing that. I think we all say things and they just come out of our mouths without thinking because they are "just expressions" but our subconscious doesn’t realize that. It’s easier to identify perhaps when we listen closely to others. I used to work with a guy who would always say "Your killing me, Petey" from the movie "Remember the Titans" and I would cringe every time he said it.