Phrase of The Week

This one is one I hear (and use) all the time. See if it rings true with you and then think about it’s meaning.

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One thought on “Phrase of The Week

  1. Dear Terrie,
    This is a good one and I hate that phrase when I hear it. I counter it always with a job worth doing is worth doing well. There are times when I feel that I have to refrain from doing something because I annoy the people around me with my methodical way. Then I say why should I get caught up in other people’s problem. Mine now is to do the best I can right here.

    One phrase that particularly makes me cringe is "The World Owes Him (or Her) A Living". I always heard that as a child and it has stayed with me and I do not like it. I came upon that phrase also in Raymond Holliwell’s book. And I had to reread the chapter. It hit me profoundly how we are influenced as children by what others say and those words, and sometimes most unfortunately, are weaved into our lives, till we find out what is better. I would love to hear your ideas on that and then I will promptly release that phrase from my mind.

    Terrie, thank you for a great job. I love this web site and I am grateful for all the work you are doing. You are cherished and appreciated, thank you. Love, Sarah