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Although April 15th is now gone (by just a few short days), I waited to post this one intentionally. There are a lot of folks who are probably still “stressed out” about having paid their taxes and having to pay them and the resentment is most likely still just below the skin. The point to the video this week is to try to redesign your thoughts about paying your taxes. See what you think…..




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One thought on “Phrase of the Week

  1. Dear Terrie,
    I loved this week’s phrase review. It brought back alot of fond memories of my Dad. He always said, "Folks enjoy paying your taxes. It is a privilege to pay taxes. It means you’re alive and you’re making a big go of it." I especially enjoyed the part when you said that we are here to help, our tax money is going out to do good. Fantastic thought.
    You are doing a great job on the blog, thanks.